Yes, I play Gods Unchained for a while now. Although I'm not a full-time grinder, as a former Hearthstone player I enjoy playing GU from time to time. I was just playing GU because it was fun but of course, I made myself eligible for the airdrops, and (to my surprise) I got a good amount of both tokens which seem to be getting a lot of hype. As a HODLER and fan of the game and project, I'm super hyped too!

For those who aren't aware of what I'm talking about, GU is a play-to-earn card game like Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone (in my opinion better) where the cards are NFT's.  They made an IMX and GODS token drop for eligible players of the game and they are currently making weekly airdrops for playing 20 games each week. At the time of writing GODS token is around 5$ and the game is awesome so playing it (especially if you played MTG or HS) is a no-brainer. Don't sleep on this! I'm glad i didn't!

If you need a referral code: BfwXyQqNOK on the website here.


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