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Microinvesting with Acorns

By 60sfan | Paragraphs | 16 Feb 2021


So I recently started micro-investing with Acorns:

And it is not a bad site.  Of course, just like any online exchange which will eventually replace the dow.  Of course, one has to be patient with it all.  So far, I've only made a couple of bucks.  Just be patient!  And just like any kind of exchange, buy and cash out at the same time.  What do you think, though, of such a concept of investing your spare change like that?  I think it is an interesting concept.  So, then, you might wonder, is there such a site in which I can micro-invest with crypto-currency?  Well, yes there is!  It's called "Roundly X."


I have not started on it yet, so can not tell you everything.  But I am sure it works just the same way as how I micro-invest with Acorns.  And if you have more than one micro-investing site attached to your debit or credit card ("Stash" is another), that change will go into both of those accounts.  So you would be investing in traditional stocks and crypto at the same time whenever you use your debit or credit card to purchase anything from groceries to clothing to the next smartphone.  And of course, you can always put more money into the account the traditional way.  So, give it a try!  And what's your opinion on micro-investing, whether it is in traditional stocks or crypto? 




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