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By Kalu127 | Parachute | 30 Mar 2022


I have a degree in database administration. And I work for the government of my country.

My position has me dealing with a lot of people every day.

This created my interest in Sociology and I ended up doing a specialization in this area.

In one of the college internships, there was work to be done to understand people's social and financial mindset.

We developed two monetization works for the thesis.

One with real and normal earnings for an investment.

And another with much greater gains, but which would clearly not be sustainable in the long term.

The idea was simple, to assess people's social and financial ideas and thoughts.

In testing for work, we offered both options available, and the result was surprising.

72% opted for the plan which was a fraud! I said 72%!



This is almost unbelievable, and in cryptography today the same thing is happening, and perhaps on an even larger scale.


I see every day, launches of new active crypto projects, which clearly do not have the slightest possibility of being self-sustainable in the long term.

And the number of people who adhere to these types of projects is impressive.

It's a daily flurry of fraud, and the numbers and values ​​that are lost in these cases run into the billions of dollars.

On the other hand, we have many good projects that suffer in their development due to lack of investments, for the simple fact that they offer smaller, more realistic and sustainable gains.


If you do a little research, you can see totally fraudulent projects with massive adhesions of people who end up losing their investments.

Nowadays it is increasingly difficult to select a good project to invest in.

And the best option in this situation is quite simple.


If I promise you too much… Always be suspicious.


Have a nice week. 🙏

¨A loaf of bread is worth more to us, on a table full of joys.

That there is a feast, on a table of discord.



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