By Itst0ny | Parachute-Fans | 1 Feb 2019

One of the many reasons why I like Parachute is how they are always wanting to give back to the community. Just a few examples are donations to charities, art auctions for charity and sponsoring events. 

Another cool addition to the list is the I came up with the idea and another Parachuter created it. Parachute let them use the logos for Parachute for the merchandise. All proceeds go to his charity FLIcharity ( 

It first started out with a few items and has blossomed into a website with several sections including limited edition shirts, partner merchandise and now custom orders. I am trying to get my local SPE chapter to buy some shirts from the shop since I want to help him keep doing the awesome work he does that impacts the lives of so many.

A sweet thing that we worked out is that he can create stickers that say your companies name to put on the equipment so the person who received it will always know that it was made possible by your organization. I think that is an awesome feature. 

So if you want to order some sweet crypto related merchandise or need to order merchandise for your organization, team, or project I highly suggest that you give a chance!

Oh and they accept crypto via Coinbase


Sorry for typos and formatting issues! Bored at work on my phone. :) Will try to clean up later today!

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