Parachute Weekly Update: Parachute journal, Welcome Birdchain, aXpire on a roll, BOMB lit as always... - 15 Feb - 21 Feb'19

By Abhijoy Sarkar | Parachute-Fans | 26 Feb 2019

Howdy folks! Another week, another update. This is easily is going to be the longest one yet. Parachute and its partners have been busier than ever. Weekly updates are starting to look like yearly updates now. So have you fastened your seatbelts already? Here we go!


Cap and Ice received the Parachute journal this week. It's a booklet filled with memories of the year gone by at Parachute. Some Parachuters got together to create this one-of-a-kind piece. Jason put it all together meticulously from pieces sent to him from all over the world. Andy created a hand-made leather cover for the piece (Cap and Ice's reaction:, Jason recorded all the pages:


[A few pages from the booklet]


In this week’s Parena, Katha beat Nilzinho in a close final battle. Spoils of the war? 200k PAR from a 400k PAR pot (Cap doubled the pot!). Borna won this week’s Financial Fridays at 2gether with a unique pick; Verity. Jason’s Kakuro puzzle was finally solved by Cryptovan with help from treslebres and Van P to win a cool 100k PAR. Shawn had solved it beforehand. Obviously. But the answer was not public yet. The solution was “COO COO” :p


[Jason’s Kakuro Puzzle. Hint: Orange you glad you have a clue. Solution: Coo Coo]


New token alert! BIRD token was added to ParJar this week and ParJar was added to Birdchain. Check them out whenever you have a minute. Pretty cool crew over there with a nifty app (for Android users. iOS isn’t out yet). More details on Birdchain in Cap’s update! ParJar was also added to WednesdayCoin finally with the first Wednesday game payout in the channel. Woot woot!


<- First Wednesday game payout in the WED channel / The magic of the first ever tip in Birdchain! ->


aXpire shows no signs of slowing down! The official partnership with ParJar was announced this week. This is a match made in heaven! The first implementation of the CoinBX crypto gateway was also announced in association with ClearCoin (XCLR). The gateway allows a simple on-ramp for advertisers and users to buy XCLR using crypto. Matt engaged in an in-depth discussion with Blockchain Advisor John Fenton from Keyrock on institutional adoption and blockchain regulation. For those with a penchant for travelling, here’s a fun job at MatchBX for a cool 6.5k AXPR: Check it out!


[CoinBX allows companies to provide simple gateways like these for crypto tokens]


BOMB has been on the move too! Micah White, the co-creator of Occupy Wall Street, was captivated by the idea of BOMB and wrote a great piece on it. BOMB turned a month old on the 18th and Zachary shared some of his thoughts in an article – “….While the original developers still have a strong passion for the original vision, BOMB has taken on a life of its own…” The BOMB token community also funded and organised their first ever fan art competition this week! Corrosive Creations won 70 BOMB for his metal piece, Alex Arts won 40 BOMB for a cool gif and Smith snagged 20 BOMB for his printed wallet.


[The winning entries]


And finally, some more Parachute partner news. 2gether featured in more Spanish publications this week – EFE EMPRESAS and enisa while CEO Ramon was interviewed by Forbes radio! Spanish tech review channel TuTecnoMundo reviewed 2gether. The channel has 1.7M subscribers. Say what!! Cryzen CEO Shuvro shared a simple version of a trading strategy which buys if the price change over a week is positive, and sells when it is negative. That strategy went on to beat the market by 172% in backtests! Want to check out a cool Instagram handle? Head over to Wysker’s insta and give them a Follow for some wicked creative content. Captain Parachute is giving away PAR to people who support Clinton’s Charity (For Living Independence) on Anytime someone posts this as their default charity, Boom! PAR will be rained on him/her. Clinton also added a new T-shirt to the Parachute shop. Check it out at: Remember, all proceeds from the Parachute shop go to charity.


<- “2 if statements…..enough to beat the market” / >> “For Living Independence” ->


And as we close this week’s update, here’s some heart warming words from BOMB founder Zachary Dash:


[ParJar and BOMB were made for each other <3]


Until next week, so long!


This article is a repost of our weekly Reddit update post.

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