Parachute Weekly Update: Parachute Beer Exchange vol. 2, Battle of the Bots update, aXpire + Kleros, Blockport STO... - 12 Apr - 18 Apr'19

By Abhijoy Sarkar | Parachute-Fans | 9 May 2019

Hi everyone! I am still playing catch up. But the gap is closing. Here’s your week at Parachute (12 – 18 Apr’19):


The first ever Tiproom Parena took place this week. Yummii’s Lucky Llama proved to be uber lucky by winning the Parena with a close finale to claim a cool share from the 200k PAR pot. Popular Polish YouTuber Phil Konieczny mentioned ParJar in one of his videos. Check around the 8 minute mark. Woot! Bibo Bejjani was announced as the winner of the Parachute Masters Pickem Contest and took home the 2019 Masters hat prize. Games Master Jason kicked off Parachute’s second annual beer exchange! If you are in the US, Europe or Canada and want to exchange local beers handpicked by fellow Parachuters, fill out the form and check out the rules there. And thank you Uptrennd for the shoutout to our weekly update!



[Pics from the last beer exchange. Yes, that’s Cap in the middle going bonkers over beer.]


2gether CEO Ramon was in Sofia this week to speak on stablecoins and crypto adoption at the NextBlock Conference. Click here for a few pictures from the event. Spanish readers, check out Rankia’s article on 2gether that covers the basics of the platform. Minki shows how simple it is to use 2gether to buy coffee with BTC in this video. We also had a little fun ribbing Coinbase who came out with their new crypto card. The choice is obvious. What say? The Cryzen crew moved to Asia and will be there for a couple of months for biz dev work. If you’re in Thailand, give them a visit. Battle of the Bots commenced this week and it looks like Jason is in the running to make some sweet XEN! Check out the Opacity interim update for April to get upto speed on developments in the run up to Opacity 1.0. And did you know that Opacity was running a competition for decentralizing OPQ tokens from Kucoin? Click here to read more. The final update for the competition will be covered later in Opacity’s April update.



[Pretty cheeky, eh?]


aXpire joined the Florida International Bankers Association as a full member this week. FIBA works in the international banking space and provides aXpire the opportunity to network with its banking members. The weekly AXPR burn can be tracked here. Dispute resolution platform Kleros entered into a partnership with aXpire for handling arbitration matters arising on MatchBX. The ETHOS Dev Diary and Dashboard cover several updates including the app development progress and how the team coordinates work across timezones and geographies. v1.9 is in beta stage and being tested. A minor update (v1.8.1) to the live wallet has several bug fixes. Uptrennd founder Jeff appeared for an interview with DTuber cryptospa to talk about Uptrennd as a platform and how it matches up to other social media sites. Check out Horizon State’s monthly newsletter for April that covers all updates ranging from development, listing, community events etc. for the month. Want to see something insane? Horizon State community member and out-and-out superstar T W got his leg tattooed. And why does that matter? Have a look at the tattoo yourself:



[This is some serious commitment to HST and a testament to its community support]


The Hydrogen Atom platform allows you to build complex fintech applications. Want to learn how? Check out the new quick start guide. Plus, the Hydro app sneak peek is here. If you’re going to the Money20/20 Conference in Amsterdam in June, make sure to say Hi to the Hydro crew there. The Hydrogen product showcase covers all the latest features added to the platform in April. Founder Matthew travelled to Salesforce’s FinTech Garage event this week to network with other business leaders. Collaboration FTW! Crypto Current’s latest podcast hosted Biz Dev Mark Anstead to talk about how Hydro helps build businesses on the blockchain. BNTY was listed on SwitchDEX this week. Also, this shoutout from The Cryptomist for Switch was pretty awesome. This week’s rock wars at PurpleCoin for choosing the best keyboardist ended in several ties:



[Richard Wright and Ray Manzarek it is]


This week at Blockport was all about the STO which went live on the 16th. Here’s the full announcement. On that occasion, the Security Token Network published a detailed interview to discuss the ins-and-outs of Blockport. In preparation for the STO, Blockport partnered with token launch platform Tokeny. If you’ve been wondering what it means to buy BPS tokens, have a read of this article. It lays bare a BPS token holders’ rights. Sebastiaan explains how Blockport provides a number of solutions to the common barriers to entry in existing crypto platforms in this article. District0x’s Dev Update and District Weekly were published like clockwork. Have a look! WednesdayCoin had their first ever trivia game this week. A ton of WED were tipped out to quiz winners. The weekly airdrop post mentions some likely future updates to the WednesdayClub dApp. Check it out!


And with that, we close for this week. See you again with another PARtastic update!


P.S. The cover image of this article is a collection of beer pics by Parachuters from around the world.


This article is a repost of our weekly update post.

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