Parachute Weekly Update: New coins and groups @ ParJar, Big Week for aXpire, Charity Parena, DoTA 2 Tourny... - 8 Mar - 14 Mar'19

Parachute Weekly Update: New coins and groups @ ParJar, Big Week for aXpire, Charity Parena, DoTA 2 Tourny... - 8 Mar - 14 Mar'19

By Abhijoy Sarkar | Parachute-Fans | 24 Mar 2019

This has been a long time coming. Sorry folks. Been totally slammed at IRL work. Here’s your week at Parachute (8-14 Mar):


ParJar was added this week to OpacityBlockport and District0x. District0x even have their reputation scores linked to ParJar tips. BPT and DNT tokens are also supported on ParJar now while OPQ has been on ParJar for a while. Check out Cap’s amazing email to celebrate the new communities enjoying ParJar.


[ParJar celebrations call for Gian’s signature dishes]


We had our first ever PurpleCoin Rock Wars this week; brainchild of Gian. The community voted for the best male vocalist ever. Freddie Mercury was the clear favourite, closely followed by Robert Plant and Michael Jackson respectively. Leduc Tommy beat Jason in this week’s Parena finale to win the lion’s share from a 200k PAR pot. Plus, we will be having a paid donation Parena on April 5 for Clinton’s charity. This is only for peeps who donate $5 to Clinton’s charity directly or through ParJar. Winner gets a one of a kind shirt. The first Parachute hosted DoTA 2 tournament is also around the corner. Top 3 teams will take home the massive pot of 1.25M PAR + 1k AXPR! What are you waiting for? PM Tony for more details and to get a code.


[PurpleCoin Rock Wars Edition I final tally]


aXpire’s AXPR token achieved the VFA (Virtual Financial Asset) status in Malta this week. This further emphasises the fact that AXPR is not a security. The token’s use-cases and target markets are detailed in the following deck. A ton of AXPR was also burnt as part of the monthly and weekly burn process. Did you know "Fiverr charges you 20% fees and withholds your pay for days"? Compare that to MatchBX and you’ll see which one fares better.


[Clinton repping aXpire in front of Durban City Hall, South Africa]


This week, Visa invited 2gether CEO Ramon and founder Salva to the eFintechShow at Barcelona. Click here and here for a few pics from the event. If you’re unfamiliar with the app, watch a quick walkthrough of the current version. Onto some Cryzen news, check out this article from ETC Labs which delves into what Cryzen is all about. Do you want to create a crypto trading bot without having to write any code? Shuvro answered your prayers. Folks in San Francisco got to learn it first-hand. For everyone else, watch this video and get to it! Also, Shuvro and Brian will be in Bangkok from 15 April to 15 June for the next step: expansion into Asia. Initiate World Domination Protocol!


[On top of no extra fees, 2gether offers the best spreads]


WednesdayClub developments are progressing gradually. Mike says: “…uploaded a new contract with profile info and comments… implemented the UI part for the comments… Progress though slow, is coming along well…”. Also, belated birthday wishes to ya! In BOMB news, nobody was able to solve BOMB puzzle #2 leading to another set of tokens to be burned. The answer to the riddle was Block 0 (in binary). A new puzzle is now out in the open. One of the BOMB community members, Rob Groove, made some sick BOMB sim racing car skins. Check them out herehere and here. Plus new BOMB token merch are live in parachute shop now. Have a peek before they get sold out!


[BOMB merch FTW!]


Onto some news from the newest partners. Fantom was listed on BitMax last week. Woot! Shortly after, Fantom Technical Advisor Andre Cronje sat down for an interview with Youtuber Oh Hey Matty chronicling the journey of Fantom. “Fantom has identified Smart Cities as the category of focus”. Read more on it here. Horizon State’s monthly newsletter came out this week. It has tons of info on the latest goings-on such as HST listing on Bittrex International, Horizon State’s involvement in a South Australian Government vote etc. And finally, Uptrennd is hosting their first ever trading contest with a $500 prize pool (in 1UP tokens). Find out more about it here.


And with that, we close for this week at Parachute and its partners. See you again next week.

Viva La ParJar! (Captain Parachute, 2019)


This article is a repost of our weekly Reddit update post.

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