Parachute Weekly Update: Fiat on/off ramp live on ParJar, Pynk on CNBC, 25k $BOMB burn, Harmony Auto-Node... – 10 Apr - 16 Apr'20

By Abhijoy Sarkar | Parachute-Fans | 18 May 2020

Hi Parachuters! Been a while since I posted a weekly update report. Let’s do another round of rapid weekly update catch-ups, shall we? Let’s go! Here’s your week at Parachute + partners (10 Apr - 16 Apr'20):


Buying/selling crypto with fiat went live on ParJar for Europe, India and UK users this week. Epic!!! Coinbase, but cooler :D. Hope everyone had a great Easter. Win announced a fun #EggPaintcontest with a massive 35k $PAR and 400 $DYT prize pool. Saweet! Gamerboy hosted another “Kindergarten Science” trivia in TTR this week. This week’s Parena had some of the quirkiest prizes by Foo. Afful’s TTR Trivia was pretty fun as well and saw 10k $PAR in prizes being given away. Continuing with the ongoing theme, this week’s Two-for-Tuesday saw music videos “featuring bands or artists whose name starts with the letters I, J, K, or L”. Thank you for the playlist Sebastian! For this week’s #wholesomewed Jason got everyone folding towels into art. Haha.

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Some amazing #EggPaintcontest entries by Win, Luis Lara, Carlos (top row L-R) and Peace Love (bottom row)

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Banner made by Jose for the Parachute-themed Crypto Leagues round (announced last week)

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A few of the epic #wholesomewed entries. Clockwise from top-left – Jhang, Amaan, Carlos, Ashok, Charlotte


Click here to listen in to aXpire CEO Gary Markham talk about cost containment strategies in a Hedge Fund Association webinar that happened last week. aXpire was one of the sponsors as we had shared in a previous update. COO Matthew Markham wrote about these strategies in an AlphaWeek article. The weekly update report was published by Joakim. The weekly 20k $AXPR burn went ahead as per schedule. BOMB Token’s Mask-On-Bombino contest entries were put to a vote this week. Did you also notice a massive 25k $BOMB burn? That was part of a community fund move and in line with the roadmap ahead as explained by Zachary in an open letter to the community. Birdchain shared one its customer’s experience on launching an ad campaign on the platform. Click here to check out the latest biweekly update from Fantom. Bite-sized crypto news channel CryptoKoffee released a Fantom Opera API explainer video. How would the Fantom ecosystem help in the fields of smart medicines and smart education? Learn about it here and here respectively. A project runway update was published as well. Click here to read District0x’s latest weekly update report. The latest Dev Update can be seen here as well. This week’s DappDigest also had a community game night. Hydro integrated Microsoft Azure’s Key Management Service (KMS) to its platform this week.

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Winning entry of the Mask-On-Bombino vote. Congratulations on taking home 100 $BOMB tokens!


Uptrennd’s $1UP token featured in the top spot of Altcoin Buzz’s 8-microcaps-to-look-out-for-video. Not sure what Uptrennd is all about? Don’t forget to read this introduction article. They have been raking in some amazing engagement and monetisation stats. Uptrennd’s #EggHunt2020 came to a close this week. For all Uptrenndians stuck at home, the crew started a #StayActive challenge. Folks with long names are in for a treat. Haha. The platform will be partnering with ReImagine 2020 – a 3 day online crypto conference starting 3 weeks later. Sentivate founder Thomas Marchi shared that the first decentralised network to be integrated into Universal Web will be IPFS. The SelfKey was added to the Holdex dApp platform this week. The project progress report for March was published. The results of the community vote for mobile app adoption ideas was released. The team also wrote a blogpost on the best crypto lending platforms. Pynk now has a Spanish Twitter handle for Pynksters from Spain. The project was featured in a recent CNBC article on innovation hotspots on the COVID-19 era. Wibson crew presented at the BEN (Blockchain Education Network) Speaker Series their data privacy protocol and other developments from the project this week.

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Uptrennd is right up there with other social media giants when it comes to pageloads and time spent


Stake.Fish became a Harmony validator this week. For the latest #pow thread, click here. All of us have heard of Eli5’s. Well, here’s an Eli6 on Harmony’s new economic model. A new feature was released which allows automatic node restart on network reset. Check how it works here. If you’re setting up a node on DigitalOcean, don’t forget to read the guide. A comprehensive summary of the ethos and foundations of Open Staking was published. CMO Garlam Won was interviewed by Cointelegraph on businesses adapting to the coronavirus. A detailed Harmony Staking Guide was released by Everstake. Hope you took a moment to check out the OpenStaking 101 trivia on Gitcoin. GET Protocol joined Pledgecamp for an AMA this week. Jobchain announced that the $JOB token will be listed on DigiFinex next week. Early registration for COTI’s Staking 2.0 was closed with over 700 applications. If you missed last week’s AMA with Crypto Shelby, you can catch up from the transcript. KuCoin announced the launch of a staking campaign starting next week.


And with that, it’s a wrap. See you again with another update soon. Bye!


P.S. The cover pic for this article features the new fiat on/off ramp on ParJar – trade crypto with fiat in a breeze


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