Parachute Weekly Update: AMGO, BAGS, ZOM on ParJar, Parachute Partner Treasure Hunt, Birdchain Art Contest vote... – 6 Sep - 12 Sep'19

By Abhijoy Sarkar | Parachute-Fans | 14 Sep 2019

Hiya everyone! Here’s your week at Parachute (6 Sep - 12 Sep'19):


Parachute got together with twelve ParJar partners to host the biggest Treasure Hunt in the Parachuteverse yet. If you have seen Games Master Jason’s track record when it comes to puzzles, then you know it’s going to be uber tough to crack. The prize pool for this event? USD 2k in crypto. Holy Canoli! Get in folks. Wrack your brains and win a sh!tton of crypto. Check out Cap’s article to see what we have in store for September. Thanks for the shoutout Cap! The Parachute US Open Racquet Bracket Challenge closed this week. Congratulations to Veronique for topping the charts and taking home a cool 100k PAR. In trivias, we had Ian's art quiz in TTR with a 25k PAR pot and Victor’s general quiz with another 25k PAR pool. The latest TTR competition is a wacky one – find “PAR” in your surroundings and win some of it. Haha. We welcomed 3 new projects to the Parachute fam – Arena MatchBAGS and Yazom. And with that, we have 4 awesome projects in the Staking pilot program. Woot woot! Just one more to go before Cap reveals the engagement activities he’s planned for our pilot program partners. <insert “desire to know more intensifies” gif>

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Johnny Gonzo’s treasure hunt sticker looks fresh!


aXpire’s PayBX application will let you spend crypto in online stores. How? Click here to read more about it. This week’s update video covers development progress on the Resolvr front. Did you know that MatchBX offers a ton of benefits over traditional freelancer platforms like UpWork, Fiverr and Freelancer? If you didn’t, make sure to have a look at this article. Victor’s Friday Trivia at aXpire was a ton of fun. Like clockwork, 20k AXPR was purged as part of the weekly burn. aXpire’s recruitment drive began with the hiring of a new HR and Recruitment Manager. Welcome Robin! Spain’s CFA Society published an interview with 2gether CEO Ramon Ferraz. BOMBX’s XIO token was minted and distributed to BOMB token holders this week. This represents the 25% of total supply which is the initial circulating supply of XIO. Read more about it in Dash’s detailed article. It also includes an application form to the community-led “BOMB Council”. The token is also integrated on ETHOS’ Universal Wallet. BOMB holders on the UW should be able to see XIO in their balances soon. Thanks Dean for the shoutout. As the release of the updated Birdchain app comes close, here’s a quick look at what’s in store. Voting for the three finalists of the Birdchain Art Contest is live now. Last week we had shared about Switch’s ESH token swap being completed. Read more about it here. Idex relisted the new token this week.

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PayBX will allow you to create cards like these to spend in online stores


If you follow Hydro, you’ll know that the team never stops networking. This week they attended summits in Chicago, Mexico City and New York. Icing on the cake – Hydro was nominated as a finalist for an award at all 3 events. Woot! They will also be in Las Vegas on 23rd to attend the InsureTechConnect Conference. Hydro’s crypto storage solution, Vault, is also around the corner. Click here for a sneak peek. The latest developer update is out as well. To complement the Liquid sign up rewards campaign, Hydro also launched a referral campaign. Noice! Session keys allow reduce friction when using dApps by removing the need to sign every micro transaction. Did that sound complicated? OST CEO Jason Goldberg explains it simply in this tweet thread. With the developer platform being fully searchable, you can read more about session keys there. So far the Pepo App was in closed early access. This week, the team opened up early access registration. Have you been wondering why OST has a mainnet when it is an ERC20 token? This is because OST supports layer-2 tokens over the Ethereum chain. These layer-2 tokens are backed by OST tokens staked on the Ethereum mainnet. Quick recap of Part 2 of the SelfKey data threat series can be found here. August Update Summary was published as well.


Light and Dark mode in Hydro Vault


Dusk Network is the latest project to make use of Fantom’s BNB-ERC20 bridge to swap their tokens. Good on you Fantom! Uptrennd now has round-the-clock Twitch stream with price discussions, news, interviews etc. Viewers can make some sweet 1UP as well. Plus, auto withdrawals feature has been relaunched. Read more about it here. Founder Jeff Kirdeikis sat down for interviews with Bad Crypto Podcast and Crypto Beast to talk all things Uptrennd. Luke shared some community growth metrics of the platform in a detailed post. Monday rain parties will be on hold for a month to make way for a new event starting next week. MemeLords prepare for glory! To help expand social media reach, Uptrennd has set up a community task force. Join in if you want to lend a hand in Uptrennd’s growth. The questions put up by the community last week for the OmiseGo CTO AMA, came up in his interview with Jeff this week. Have a look. Opacity released the first prototype of its decentralisation concept. Click here for a demo video of the prototype. Catch up on the last week at District0x from their District Weekly. Sentivate Co-Founder Thomas DeMarchi's AMA with the Crypto Nation community was last week. If you missed it, check out the transcript.


And that's a wrap for this week at Parachute + partners. Ciao!


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