For Living Independence Charity

By AndySD | Parachute-Fans | 2 Feb 2019

For Living Independence 


I came across For Living Independence Charity (FLI for short) through the Parachute group.  FLI is a charity that is aimed at helping those that have disabilities by providing them with assistive technologies.  Assistive technologies are those technologies that make a normal part of life easier or possible.


“Our Vision Statement

For Living Independence, through its volunteers, donors and partners exists to provide technology to disabled individuals so they can accomplish their goals and be independent in their daily lives.”



Through the generous donations received, FLI has been able to help many people in getting assistive technology installed in their homes to make their daily lives easier.

The Parachute community has been a huge supporter of the charity. A couple of key initiatives have helped raise a lot of donations (both Fiat and cryptocurrency).  The largest such initiative being the multiple art auctions with the help of Parachute, were the members bid on other members self -made artwork.  And they have started where all proceeds from the sales go towards the charity.

I feel that this is a very worthwhile charity and hope all the best to them in their future projects. I am always deeply moved to see the help they provide to individuals with disabilities.



If you would like to know more about the FLI Charity or to make a donation visit


P.S.  All tips made to this post with be donated to the FLI Charity.

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