From 0.00 USD to 3 USD. The magic of Ecoin

By PickCoin | Panorama Mode | 31 Jan 2021

A few months ago, we started exploring projects that few people look at. After discarding many projects that ran in circles, we came across Ecoin. We started holding their currency and we stalled it in saving, and three months later we find that its value in the crypto market not only exists, but has achieved a phenomenal performance. With the possibility of receiving airdrops from other projects within the same platform, it also has a lottery for its assets, and an Ecoin rewards system for carrying out these activities or the simple fact of entering the draw. All its contracts are safe, the wallets with which the project is associated are prestigious and trusted by the users and all in simple (really simple steps).

Here's the most confusing part for registrants: account verification. We were able to take this last step just a few weeks ago because maybe it was getting a bit tedious. But updates have occurred that were beneficial to the average user. The platform has a 24/7 live support with real agents, Telegram channels, Forums, a free training on the project and several extra functionalities that are worth checking out.

But as for the verification, the steps to follow are verbatim as follows:

- Register on the site.
- Email verification.
- Verification of the telephone number.
- Telos / Wombat wallet linking
- Linking Ecoin wallet (available in Playstore & AppleStore)

It is essential that for the account to be 100% verified, each and every one of the aforementioned steps is fulfilled. 

The same platform allows you to save your tokens by generating 10% of daily interest on Level 1 users, increasing them with a higher level. There is also the possibility of being an "Ecoiner for life", which is a friendly way of staking blocked for a year on the tokens, being rewarded for it and generating interest without risk of losses due to price fluctuations. Having the account verified, you can withdraw your Ecoins instantly to your associated wallets.

Now let's get to the important thing: how did we do in the last 2 months being Ecoiners for life and obtaining an amount of 100 tokens only in the beginning:


Our initial amount has more than multiplied, and without any doubt about the legality and legitimacy of this project, we recommend it.

We leave the link of this wonderful platform so that you can take advantage of it like us and do not miss the possibility of being part of the transparent projects.




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