18 Legit Ways To Make Money Online


You may have several reasons for making money online.
It may be that working in your peace and place, being financially independent, and more.

But finding a legit way to make money online is quite hard. Because there are lots of scams in this online world, so choosing a legit way of making money online is very important.

In this article, I have a list of 18 legit ways to make money online.

This list contains some high potential and some low potential ways to make money online. And which you can choose either to make a full-time income or to make some extra cash in your free time. All I am trying to say that there is something for everyone.

Before we go ahead, I want to tell you the fact about making money online.

If you think these are easy jobs to do because it allows you to work on your place and your appropriate time. Then you are looking at one side of a coin.
Some are easy, but not all. It took time, effort, and skills to make money. And there isn’t any method that makes you rich in one day. If you influenced by these kinds of theories, then I can only suggest one thing. Sit back and think about it logically, does it making any sense?
No doubt there some ways to make money online that has the potential to make hundreds and thousands of dollars a day. But all those methods require a lot of hard work, time, and patience.

So the conclusion is that when you have decided to make money online using any method, then commit and do your best. You will definitely hit your set goals one day.


18 Legit Ways To Make Money Online


1. Paid For Reviewing Websites, Apps, And Software


There are lots of websites and apps which go through pre-launch user testing. 

Here comes the opportunity for you to test those kinds of websites and apps for cash.

Testing a website or app is kind like an end-user experience. Where you look at its design, functionality, and other things related to it, and finally, you will give your overall feedback.

UserTesting is a platform where you’ll find these kinds of testing tasks. Typically the duration of these type tasks is around 20 minutes, and you get $10 for that review.  

For doing these testing jobs, you’ll need a computer (Laptop or desktop) with an internet connection, some internet and browser knowledge, a microphone and webcam (Not necessary for all tasks).

Most of the tests are in English, so you have to be fluent in English.


2. Browse The Web For Cash


This one of the easiest ways you can make some cash on the internet. Because you don’t have to do any fancy type of work, you need to do what you are already doing. 

A little confusing, isn’t it? But some websites pay you for literally browsing the web. 

Sites like Swagbucks and Qmee pay you for searching for things on the internet. 

Swagbucks is a survey conducting site, and here you find some other survey tasks. 

Qmee has its browser extension, which you need to add on your browser, and you good to go. 


3. Take Online Paid Surveys


Online surveys are quite useful to earn extra money in your spare time. But meantime it’s not so good to make a serious amount of money and sometimes it’s too annoying. 

I would suggest that you consider an online survey as a side hustle without expecting much return.

There is a group of online survey sites that you can join and make some money. 

Usually, a survey takes 10-20 minutes to complete. And you can earn anywhere from $1 to $5.

Here are some popular survey sites:


4. Paid For Reviewing Music


If you love listening to music and want to make money with it, then this the way you can do that.

Sites like MusicxraySliceThePieand HitPredictor are willing to pay for music reviews.

The concept is very straight forward, all you need to do is listen to the song, and then leave your short review about it. You can make from $0.02 to $0.20 for a song.

Paid For Reviewing Music | 18 Legit Ways To Make Money Online  

5. Domain Flipping


Do you know what is domain flipping is? Domain flipping is a process of buying and selling domain names. 

Domain flipping is one of those ways where you can make a high amount of money with a low amount of investment.

Suppose you bought a domain name at $10, and after some time, you sell it at $1000. Does this sound great to you? Yeah, this is the domain flipping. 

It seems very easy and profitable, with no or little work, but it is not so.

The main reason behind that is searching for hot domain names. This is the most time taking part of domain flipping. 

You have to be creative and smart for researching some hot domains. But once you find out some good domain names, then you good to go. 

You can use GoDaddy for searching and purchasing domain names. And Flippa for selling those domains.

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6. Paid For Selling Photos


Do you love clicking photos and want to make some extra money from it? If yes. Then this is just for you.

There is not high earning potential, but you can do that as your side hustle. 

There are some sites like ShutterstockAdobe StockGetty Images where you can sell your photos.

Paid For Selling Photos | 18 Legit Ways To Make Money Online  

7. Create And Sell eBooks


All have their own set of knowledge. So if you have some interesting things about which you can make an eBook. Then there is a great chance to make money with it.

Amazon Kindle Store and Apple Books are excellent platforms for publishing your eBooks. These platforms already have a huge audience, which increases your chances of getting more sales and readership. 

The most interesting thing about creating and selling eBooks is making money passively. That means you have to put all your efforts at once for creating an ebook. And after that, it will make money for you in the future again and again.


8. Sell Your Services On Fiverr


Fiverr is a great marketplace for buying and selling freelancing services. There are all kinds of freelance services available big and small.

You can offer anything as your service on Fivver. It could be writing articles, designing graphics, editing videos, etc. 

So, if you have some skills which you can offer as your services, then go to Fiverr and list them all.

The lowest price of a job in Fiverr is $5, but you can categorize your gigs by adding more services for more money.


9. Become A Freelancer


If you are a professional in any area such as content writing, graphic designing, web designing, etc. Then Freelancing is a great way to make money with those skills.

You can offer those services on sites like UpWork 99designs (Only for Graphic and web designing).

Here you’ll able to make a decent amount of money with a single job.

Become A Freelancer  

10. Become A Virtual Assistant


A virtual assistant is a person who works at a remote location for other people. As a virtual assistant, your job is to handle other people’s stuff, such as managing their social media, websites, blogs, administrative tasks, and more. 

There is a high demand for virtual assistants nowadays. Many business owners and entrepreneurs hire virtual assistants for their work. Because they don’t have enough time to manage all their works, or maybe they don’t know how to do that effectively.

You can do this as a side hustle or a full-time job because you can set your working hours.

UpWork is a great platform for offering your virtual assistant service.



11. Start Affiliate Marketing


If you don’t know what is affiliate marketing? 

Affiliate marketing is a process of promoting other people’s products and earning commissions when sales made.

It is a long term business, and you need some sort of audience to promote your affiliate offers. It does not mean that you need a large number of people to make money, and it also does not mean that you are making money with a few hundred people.

Making money with affiliate marketing is doesn’t depends on the numbers. It all is depending on how much quality traffic you’re having on your affiliate offer. How much your audience is targeted and warm. How much they interested in your offer, and how much they are trusting on you.

For promoting and building an audience, you need a platform. It could be a blog, a YouTube channel, Social Media, etc.

Earning potential from affiliate marketing is depends on audience size, commission rates, and sales conversions. 

There are some popular affiliate networks you can join like Amazon AssociateseBay PartnersShareASaleClickBank.

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12. Create Online Courses


Online courses are a great way to make passive income because you don’t need to create the product over and over again.

The only thing you have to do is to put all your hard work and knowledge into making the course.

Udemy is a big marketplace for selling any kind of online course. 

So if you have some technical or professional knowledge that you can teach through your online course, then create a course with a piece of valuable information. And sell your online course on Udemy.


13. Upload Videos On YouTube


I think everyone is familiar with YouTube. It is a giant social media with 2 billion monthly active users, and it’s the world’s second-largest search engine. So you can think there is a big opportunity to building a brand, audience and making money.

YouTube has a benchmark before monetizing videos, which is 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time within a year.
I know it looks like a large number to you at first glance. But, I just want to say that is everyone starts their YouTube career with zero, zero subscribers, and zero watch time.
Absolutely, it will take time to reach that point. But at the end of the day, it will pay for all your hard work, time, and patience.

So if you have some content ideas for YouTube, then I strongly suggest you create a YouTube channel. There are also multiple ways you can make money with a YouTube channel like Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorships, Merch, etc.


14. Start A Blog


Blogging has lots of monetization methods. You can monetize a blog with ads, affiliate products, sponsored posts, digital products, and more. Therefore it’s another excellent way to make passive income

A blog contains written articles as known as blog posts. Each blog post describes any topic in-depth. As an example, you’re in my blog right now and reading this article, which is all about 18 Legit Ways To Make Money Online.

Many people start blogging as a hobby, and then it becomes their full-time job. So if you’re passionate about writing articles and describing things in your own way, then start a blog.

You can read my article here for starting a blog that contains step-by-step instructions. 

You can also check out my Blogging category for some useful blogging articles.



15. Become An Instagram Influencer


Many brands and companies are willing to pay Instagram influencers for promoting their stuff. As an Instagram influencer, you cannot let go of this kind of opportunity.

From an earnings point of view, it all depends on how big your following is. If you have a higher following, then your earning potential will be absolutely higher.

The hard part of being an Instagram influencer is building a brand and audience (Following). But, as I mentioned above, everyone starts with zero, and one day they reach out to their assumed point.

So if you are keen to become an Instagram influencer, then create a niche base Instagram page and start growing it.

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16. Sell Stuffs On Etsy


If you’re interested in crafting things and selling those crafts, then Etsy should be your priority. Etsy is an excellent platform for buying and selling handmade crafted items. 

The good thing about the Etsy is they charge quite a lower percentage of your sales comparing to other eCommerce companies. That’s why there is great earning potential too.

Sell Stuffs On Esty

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17. Start Dropshipping


If you don’t have your own products to sell online, then you can start dropshipping.

In dropshipping, as a retailer, you do not stock products on your own. You simply collect customer order and shipping details, and you send these details to the manufacturers.

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that helps you to create an online store. There plenty of tools for building and managing an online store.


18. Start Streaming Games On Twitch


It is for gamers who love playing video games and want to make a career with it. The gaming industry is booming right now, and that’s why there is enough earning potential. 

So if you have some gaming skills, then start streaming games on Twitch.

Twitch is a platform for streaming games and watching those games.

There are multiple ways to monetize a Twitch channel like subscriptions, ads, donations, affiliates, and more. 


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What Next?


That’s all for this article. Now it is your turn to take steps and choose the appropriate way to make money online. I know that there are more legit ways to make money online, which I have not included in this list.

So if you’re making money online with other methods, then please let me know in the comment section. 

Above featured 18 Legit Ways To Make Money Online, Shows you some legit ways to make money online. Hopefully, this article provides you better insights about all those ways to make money online. Please let me know in the comment section what you think about this article. 

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