The Bitsten Token (BST)

The Bitsten Token (BST)

   What is Bitsten Token (BST)?
    BST is a token same like Binance Coin which utility is used to change transaction fees and listing fees on bitsten exchange. 


   Why choose BST?
    It have simple plan but came with great benefits and huge potential.
  • BST have limited supply.
  • BST only has a very small supply.
  • Full control with community rather than individual bodies.
  • It initially only 20,000,000 BST were created.
  • BITSTEN Exchange profits are used to buyback BST and burn BST eventually.
  • Every day the amount of BST supply is always decreasing.
  • All BST have been circulating in the market.
  • BITSTEN have no stock of BST token with them.
  • Popularly made for community and also for their benefits.
  • Available on Binance Smart Chain.
   What are the benefits of Hold the Bitsten Token (BST) ?
It have great potential in long term holding. Holder is always winner, hold is gold. BST is also available on Binance smart chain in form of WBST.        Popularly knows as Wrapped Bitsten Token. WBST is alternative form of BST.
   Will the price of BST always go up?
More the people hold BST token, the price of BST will always go up. The BST token have huge potential in future in term of popularity and price.    The price of BST will always go up, but it also depends on the number of BST holders throughout the world. As the BITSTEN company grows and    gains a large profit, the potential for an increase in BST will be even greater. Support BITSTEN Exchange, big the profit of company, big will be            buyback of token, which simplify big price change in rise by burning huge amount of token from buyback.


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