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By pantomo | Crypto_Deflation | 1 Oct 2019


Fundraising is a term that appears more and more often in the social media space and has recently attracted a lot of attention. But how does this relate to Bitcoin? Well, there is an extremely interesting platform that combines these two modern concepts of raising funds. Let me introduce you to the whole idea of ​​fundraising proposed by Tallyco.in  


To begin with, let's explain what fundraising really is. Some of you may have met this concept, but it may still be vague for others. Fundraising is the process of collecting funds for a specific purpose by asking for financial support - a request for support may be addressed to private individuals, companies, NGOs, foundations, governmental or local government institutions. Fundraising is also used in political campaigns, as well as in raising funds for profit-oriented commercial enterprises. As you can see, the scope of fundraising is very wide and is not limited to charitable collections as it might seem at first. Funds under fundraising campaigns are collected for various purposes: social, religious, individual, scientific, sports, charity, full freedom in terms of purpose. Fundraising may be associated with a similar term, better known in the internet industry - crowdfunding, which is simply a form of community funding for a venture; development of a game, some product, new technology, start up's etc.

On typical crowdfunding / fundraising portals, the entire fundraising process is very centralized and we don't really have an impact on when the funds collected will be transferred to us. We are condemned to a "trusted third party". At this point, Tallyco.in appears as a very interesting alternative. 




Tallyco is a platform that is distinguished by the fact that it allows the collection of funds for any purpose only in Bitcoins. In addition, it does not charge any fees for brokering donations and each payment-donation goes directly into our private Bitcoin wallets. As you can see, we have full control over the our funds from the very beginning. Tallycoin also provides a multitude of options when are are creating a fundraise, we can build our own profile - introduce yourself, create a fundraise description, provide the exact financial goal impressed in BTC. We can set a continuous or monthly fundraise or specify the date the end date, it all depends on the goal we set.


In the admin panel you can set payment options, paid subscriptions/perks; and in the payment settings we add, among others our BTC wallet address. A very useful option is also the ability to accept off-chain payments in the Lightning Network (BTC LN) - fast payments without transaction fees. The above-mentioned paid subscriptions are a very interesting option: we can add this option for users who for a certain donation will receive from us additional bonuses of subscription. E.g; postcards or wordpress plugins if our fundraiser plan is related to the front-end project, we have full freedom, it depends on us how we will encourage potential donors.

To create an account at Tallyco.in we only need a Twitter account, because it is through twitter that we need to log in to the platform and configure  settingsof our fundraise. The way how our fundraise is promoted depends entirely on us: we can add a video on youtube that will encourage the community to support our campaign, or we will add a post with a photo report, infographic or add a simple animation - the choice is yours,  be creative. 

I have just finished adding my fundrasing project on Tallycoin and decided to show you how I presented it there - of course if anyone would like to support me with a small donation I'll will be very grateful! Also, there are incredible bonuses (perks!) for more generous donors. Thank you in advance! :)

My TEABLOG STORE SHARE project on Tallyco.in


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