Idena - World’s First Proof of Person Blockchain

Idena - World’s First Proof of Person Blockchain

By Pale Blue Dot | PaleBlueDot | 29 Jan 2020

Idena — This exciting new project has a unique solution to decentralization by having users create a digital identity that is validated each epoch(As of 1/29/2020 it’s one week per epoch). In the Idena teams own words “Idena is based on a network of people mutually validating their humanness and uniqueness “. Users simultaneously solve flip logic puzzles each epoch to validate a node to be a verifiable real human being behind it.

One of the equalizing things about Idena is that an average quality computer can easily run the node and mine. By keeping the accessibility open to more people Idena has created a network with strong case for a well done decentralization. It doesn’t require massive amounts of computational power needed for other projects like Bitcoin’s PoW(Proof of Work).

For the more technical details check out Idena’s Blockchain and GitHub.

What I’ve seen over the last ten epochs I’ve been a part of is the dev team does a really good job with constant improvements to the Idena network. Seemingly, every few days they release updates as they continue to iterate while the project is in the testnet.

Idena’s set to start the launch of the main net in Q3 2020. There’s still time to be an early adopter and reap the benefit of being a pioneer.

In order to join Idena you need to receive an invite code. You can message me for on telegram at or join the official telegram channel.


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