7 Reasons to like Idena

7 Reasons to like Idena

By Pale Blue Dot | PaleBlueDot | 17 May 2020

1. Idena has a legitimate working Blockchain - On the explorer you can see that it consists of 2330 nodes as of 5/17/2020.  

2.  Average Computer Can Run - Idena, has created a strong decentralization by being accessible to more people, not just those with giant mining rigs. I like the fact that I can run a node on my laptop and you can run it as well on an average computer. Join my telegram for how to get an invite.

3. Cheap Transaction Fees - "The minimum transaction fee will be tied to the network size. At the same time, the dynamic fee model remains valid (if the block is filled by more than 50%, then the fee starts growing proportionally). Minimum DNA per byte = max (1e-16; 0.1 / NetworkSize). Minimum fee rate is calculated for each block depending on the current network size. For example, with the network size of 2300 nodes and DNA price of $ 0.10, the minimum transaction fee is $ 0.00043." from the Idena Medium.

4. Robust Community Development - Community devs have created sites like Idena.Today(A community dev site adding more data analytics to the Idena Network) Idena.Apps(which lists all the community dev work) and A Paper Wallet (A DNA Mask to protect your crypto funds offline and secure). 

5. The Project is Open Source - Check out their Github. Transparency is in my opinion a foundation of a true decentralization. The ability for anyone to check out the code allows for higher levels of accountability. 

6. Idena is participating in a Hackathon - 

"[$5000 DNAs] Idena Ethereum Relay: How the registry of validated cryptoidentities could be relayed from the Idena blockchain to Ethereum"


"[$4000 in DNAs] - Use Sign-In with Idena function on a website to give extra privileges to Idena validated users"


7. Idena Flip Challenge - A $55,000 bounty challenge for any AI designers who can create an open AI instrument to defeat the flip algorithm. 


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