The 1st 'Smoke'

It is done!

the first smoke/vape.... Had it last night around midnight as that was the only time discreet enough for me to do so.  It was a little bizzare, as the vapour is a totally different mouth-feel than how I remember smoke feeling.  The best way to describe it is that smoke feels 'thick' whereas vapour feels 'thin', almost hard to tell it is there really, until you exhale and see it. Very strange.

Not a big fan of the taste it must be said, but I will likely get used to it and if possible I will be trying different strains etc when I can.  Though that is apparently difficult in my town, as you basically don't get a choice, you buy what the dealer has and that's it......  Living in a small UK town is not ideal then.

I filled the ceramic chamber about 3/4 full, which left me with plenty still to have as well, which is great, it really doesn't take much to fill it up.



And, well, it worked.  In the sense that I definitely felt its affect.  I had it, made a cup of tea and some biscuits and watched that Marie Kondo program about tidying up ha ha.  I felt relaxed, warm and fuzzy..... I could tell I was thinking things a little more thoroughly. Just a little, nothing off-putting or anything.  I was having an OK day pain wise, so the pain relief side will come in time, but I suspect it will help.  I am not sure I had great sleep as such, I was woken a few times, but the sleep I did have felt like it might have been deep.

Either way, a nice, positive experience all told.

The weed was fairly well toasted afterwards, and the pic shows just how little was needed really.  I'll be keeping the used weed to put in edibles, or hell, even just chuck it in some pasta sauce or something?!

I think I will up the temperature on the vaporiser to the next level next time, see how that works out as I suspect it might have a different vibe.


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