" I, a fowl of feathers "

By Paddiespoetry | paddiespoetry | 4 Feb 2023

Ascending amidst the celestial blue,
I, a fowl of feathers, imbued with a view
Of a realm enchanted, unspoiled and rare,
A landscape where magic, euphoria and splendor ensnare.

The grandiose peaks that the sky do outstretch,
Rivers that with crystalline purity flow, a scene of sound effects,
Verdant forests, ablaze with luminescence,
A world of impeccable beauty, compact in its essence.

The creatures that reside, with iridescent eyes,
Engage in effervescent gaiety and melodious cries,
Their merriment resounds, and joys intermingle,
In a place where serenity, peace and empathy are single.

The heavens that stretch above, adorned with stars so bright,
The moon, in full radiance, illuminating the night,
The winds, a symphony of gentle whispers, the air, a warm embrace,
A domain of marvel, a haven for all creatures in the space.

And as I glide, beholding this captivating land,
I am grateful, cognizant of its transformative hand,
For life, a tapestry of dreams, beauty, and magic intertwined,
And in this place, it unfolds, unravels and shines.

So let me bask in this land, where I am at home,
For this elysian realm, my spirit shall forever roam,
Where enchantment flows, and nature thrives in grandeur,
And magnificence blooms, for all creatures to treasure.



As I take this journey through the skies, I am reminded of the magic that exists all around us, if only we take the time to look. This poem is a celebration of nature and its beauty, a reminder that in this world filled with chaos, there is still so much good, so much magic, and so much love.

Thankyou for taking the time to read my writings, I hope this poem resonates with you. Have a great day guys :)

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I am Paddy, a person who loves poetry, dogs, and the great outdoors. I spend much of my free time writing poetry and exploring nature, I find inspiration for my poetry in the beauty and wonder surrounding the mysteries of the world.


Welcome to my blog where I share my love for poetry and the wonders of life. Here, I will feature my own works, as well as my thoughts and reflections on the power of poetry to convey the beauty and complexity of our existence. From the joys of love and friendship to the struggles of loss and grief, poetry allows me to understand and appreciate the richness of my life. Join me as I explore the many ways poetry can help us find meaning and inspiration in our everyday experiences.

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