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Amidst the towering trees

By Paddiespoetry | paddiespoetry | 22 Feb 2023


A little poem I wrote while resting in the Boreal Forest.. hope u guys enjoy 


Amidst the towering trees, so majestic and wide,
A world of green and beauty doth abide,
The boreal forest, a vast and unspoiled land,
A place where nature reigns supreme, so grand.

As I walked through the thickets, dense and lush,
A path that few have dared to tread, in hush,
My feet upon the earth did softly glide,
A journey for my soul, with nature as my guide.

The rustling of the leaves, I heard the sound,
A symphony of nature that did astound,
The birds above sang like a joyful choir,
A song of life and hope that did inspire.

As the sun began to set in the west,
I kindled up a fire to keep me blessed,
The flames danced high, as if in ecstasy,
A light that chased away the night's decree.

I gazed upon the stars, so bright and clear,
A sky that shone with life and love sincere,
My heart was filled with such a pure delight,
A moment like a gift from nature's light.

The boreal forest, a world of its own,
A place that calls me to return, alone,
To stand amidst the trees so tall and wise,
And feel the connection that we all prize.

For in this world of green and wild and free,
I find a truth that speaks to the core of me,
A bond with nature undefiled and true,
A oneness with all that is good and new.

As I walked deeper into the forest, I felt at home,
In this place where the ancient trees doth roam,
The centuries they have stood, a testament to time,
A beauty so rare, that words cannot define.

The smell of the earth, so rich and pure,
The chirping of the birds, a sound so sure,
The gentle breeze that brushes through my hair,
A feeling of serenity, beyond compare.

In the heart of the boreal forest, I found my peace,
A sense of belonging that did never cease,
The natural world, a gift that doth abound,
A treasure that in my heart I have found.

And so I left the forest, with a heavy heart,
A place that had become a part of me, in part,
But in my mind, the memories will stay,
Of a world so beautiful, in every way.


Have a good day guys

thanks for reading 

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I am Paddy, a person who loves poetry, dogs, and the great outdoors. I spend much of my free time writing poetry and exploring nature, I find inspiration for my poetry in the beauty and wonder surrounding the mysteries of the world.


Welcome to my blog where I share my love for poetry and the wonders of life. Here, I will feature my own works, as well as my thoughts and reflections on the power of poetry to convey the beauty and complexity of our existence. From the joys of love and friendship to the struggles of loss and grief, poetry allows me to understand and appreciate the richness of my life. Join me as I explore the many ways poetry can help us find meaning and inspiration in our everyday experiences.

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