When Patience Becomes a Necessity

By Nathan Payne | pablosmoglives | 23 Aug 2023

"Cover To Cover" is a 1975 short film by Michael Snow.  "When Patience Becomes a Necessity" is from the album Fabulous Dream.

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When Patience Becomes a Necessity

And I for one am terrified
of the big bad wolf
and the bright blue sky

And if I could fly,
I would fall in love
with an angel
and/or turtledove
who loved
me in spite of all my flaws,
or maybe just because

With my Arizona hair
and my New York shoes
walkin' down the pretty streets
of primal ooze

Who's that girl with the parasol
lookin' like she wants to tear us all
to shreds
in the hissing aerosol breeze?

Her beauty brings me to my knees!

    And all your problems now
    will seem like luxuries
    when patience becomes a necessity

    It doesn't matter which side you're on
    everything you take for granted
    will be gone

Wet cigarettes
and weird goodbyes
one more roll of the dice
to decide who dies

I'm late for dinner
let's hibernate
for the winter
what's the definition of a winner
in a world of sin?

The man who gets to roll again


©2012 Nathan Payne

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Nathan Payne

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