The Opera of Disconsolate Ingratitude

By Nathan Payne | pablosmoglives | 8 Nov 2023

"If you're smart talk before a drama forms
The world knows that violence brings violence
Many for their pride do not measure the consequences"
Petare Barrio De Pakistán


1.  Medieval OGs vs. Islam & Communism

Mexico has a bad reputation.  The exploits of the Mexican cartels are matched in severity only by Communists and Islamic fundamentalists.  Mexico is violent and dangerous, but as a Catholic country, the violence never gets much worse than excessively Medieval.  Unlike North Korea or China, in Mexico you can leave your local area without permission from the local Fentanyl/Plutonium overlord.  And unlike the Muslim world, you can be gay in Mexico.  As severe as it is, the violence in Mexico is fundamentally Capitalist.  The cartels might throw you in a vat of acid, but it won't be for ideological reasons.  It will be because you are standing in the way of their commercial exploits.  They might leave your decapitated body in a cooler in the parking lot of a supermarket, but unlike Islamic fundamentalists, they won't do it because of who you are, or what you believe.  And unlike North Korea, Mexican cartels won't punish your entire extended family for a dozen generations.

Perhaps it's an old-school mafioso code of demon ethics, not unlike the code of the old-school Italian mafia.  They know that breaking the hearts of every surviving member of their enemies' families for life is punishment enough; also, pursuing vengeance to the degree of needing to make sure every 3rd cousin of the offender doesn't reach above a certain social status is the kind of time-wasting exploit that you'd have to outsource to a government ruled by a North Korean dictator.  And punishing people for having a different religion or ethnic background is a massive, joyless waste of time.

What's the point of "cleansing" the world of people you hate, if you spend your entire life pissed off and miserable that they exist in the first place?

This is Mexico, after all.  The land of laid-back OGs like Slowpoke Rodriguez.  Stoned, heavily armed, and able to hypnotize his predators.  Never in a rush, Slowpoke Rodriguez.  The cartoon personification of the siesta, if ever there was one.

A practicing Catholic, he, I am certain.  There's plenty of room for his selective morals in his pocket, next to his gun and his bag of weed.  He doesn't need to dominate you with his Marxist bureaucracy, or compete with a mob of angry, yammering hopefuls for a place on the Olympic fag-tossing team.  Slowpoke doesn't care if you like men.  Just stay out of his Fentanyl lab, and he'll leave you alone.


However, while only having a Catholic, Bronze-medal-level of homicidal madness, and not the Gold or Silver levels achieved by Communism and Islamic fundamentalism, Mexico does have a certain expertise in the field of child-soldiering.  As does Latin America in general.  If not the entire world except for the formerly-civilized West. 

So far.  Judging by this sad video by viral child rapper Lil RT, and recent headlines from America which in recent years seem to feature an overabundance of random violent crimes committed by minors, it won't be long before America is home to an entire generation of illiterate killers who've been weaned on misogynistic violence, murder, and materialism.


2.  Self-Defeating Culture Warriors

We've moved beyond the "culture war," y'all.  It's over.  In fact it occurred to me today, if you're in a WAR for your culture, you've already lost.  Once the "culture war" begins, the best you can hope for (in worldly terms) is that your children will pick up the pieces and create something new and worthwhile from the bombed-out, illiterate detritus.

The culture war was lost the instant people felt entitled to the fruits of artists' labors for free.  Instantly lost.  In all likelihood, you have contributed to the erosion of your own cultural stability.  It's not an un-repentable offense, but you're never going to "win the culture war" if you're not even aware you're constantly scoring points for the other team.  Effortlessly, as a matter of natural course.

If you're down with the freeload, enjoy the free download.

I mean, really.  What did you expect from a culture that elevates "subscriber count" above independent (individual) vision?  A society that trades independent artists (an archaic term for people with actual artistic talent) for codependent, self-important egomaniacs who've bestowed on themselves the lofty title "creator."  Historically-nearsighted social-engineering projects who, in spite of believing themselves to be "creators," can never seem to produce anything more substantial than "content," which is a generic term that can be applied to anything.

This is because it's the "creator" that is important in the dead culture, not the fruits of the "creator's" labor.  If the "creator" was an artist, the art would obviously be more important than the person creating it.  Nobody goes to an art museum to see Picasso's work because he lived an interesting life.  They go to see the work.  But since the "creator" is what's important in a dying culture, the byproduct of his or her work can be dismissed as mere "content."  It's worthless, and everywhere.  Throw it on the landfill.

Nevermind the art, sitting on the sidelines.  I am what's important, not my would-be "work."  "Artist" is an exclusive title, that can only be applied to people with artistic talent.  Anyone can be a "creator."  There are creative solutions to math problems, mechanical problems, cooking problems, etc., but not necessarily "artistic solutions."  Art is exclusive and independent, and therefore must be colonized by a culture of self-important "creators" who produce disposable garbage with an expiration date in the past.  If you're an artist, never refer to yourself as a "creative."  If you're a "creative," please stop referring to YOURSELF at all, and get back to work.

(Read more thoughts on this topic in the 4-year-old article Why Artists Should Never Call Themselves "Creatives."  I'm not happy about it, but in fact it's why I left the U.S.  Show me a culture of people who are not only aware of this problem, but willing to solve it in practical terms, and there might be hope.  'Til then, I say "A-Dios...")

Anyway.  THIS IS HOW YOU LOSE A CULTURE WAR.  Devalue your art, but make sure everyone can see your title.  That's the main thing.


Creators vs. artists; content vs. art.... Who wins?  Whoever gets paid.  You get what you pay for.  Culture included.  I've never seen a "content sandwich" on any menu anywhere (with the possible exception of a high school cafeteria), and even postmodern content galleries call themselves "art" galleries, yet we're still supposed to believe that a bunch of "creators" are "engaged in a war" for the salvation of "the culture."  As long as we keep that subscriber count up.  We don't want to lose our content-monetization privileges on the centralized compliance platform while we're out there fighting for our culture.

Get real.


3.  Proverbs 18:12


"I'm guilty and I've sinned
I broke the fifth commandment."
El Niño Sicario


So, now that we've established that the U.S. and other formerly-civilized Western powers are working overtime to ignore and disregard all forms of excellence, and create a situation in which illiterate child soldiers are not only possible, but proliferate like a plague of twerking hornets...

What can American child soldiers learn from their Latin American counterparts?

Humility, and the hardcore reality of an inevitable, premature death, for starters.  Unlike the braggadocious, tuneless ignoromics on display in the Lil RT video above, this actual song written by an actual songwriter and performed by actual musicians is a... choke on it urban America... morality tale.  An actual morality tale.  One that tells you to "be useful men," and to "value your family and your jobs."

Radical concept.  It's as though a culture that has been plagued with the problems that make child soldiers possible in the first place doesn't see the allure in extremely young children flashing money while talking about their guns and being fellated by worthless female dogs over a prefabricated "beat" that has been recycled so many times it sounds like the flattened aluminum can of an art form that died in the 1990s, when all the best players in "the game" were killed.  It's almost like "Snoop Dogg," "Dr. Dre," and other numerous grown men with made-up names are, choke on it urban America, OBSOLETE, and maybe even obscenely wealthy.  And therefore completely out of touch.  How long have Biggie and Tupac been dead again?  Two-and-a-half times as long as The Beatles' entire career?

You think you're fresh?  Can you even tell the difference in frozen Styrofoam and real food anymore?

Here's your future.  Look at it.  Does this kid look like he's reveling in anything?  Do you think you're going to flash your stack of idiotic lucre in his face and walk away intact?  Do you have any idea how rich and prosperous your dumb ass really is?

Do these guys living in a rough neighborhood in Caracas look like they're subjugating bitches like a bunch of stupid rich kids, with their houses from the thrift store, and their pit bulls throwing dice?  Gangs of angry dogs,

gambling for laundry rights

en el barrio peligroso,

fighting for their lives

on the damned

and dirty,

motorcycled streets?

I'm a dilletante in Rap like I'm a dilettante in Classical music, but this 12-year-old beat from Venezuela seems exponentially more dope than whatever used, disposable thing Lil RT's parents decided to use as a backing track for his self-condemnatory gloating.

Hey kid.  Your punk ass is going to die, if you pursue this path another step.  Heed the warning from your hermanos perdidos in the south.  Tell yr friends.

For the parents, there's Matthew 18:6.  It's a hard rain's a-gonna blow your brains out.


Just remember kids, "misery is only in the reality of the poor in thought."  If you have to take lessons in happiness and appreciating freedom from a bunch of guys from Venezuela, it might be time to check your attitude along with your coat, the next time you take your bad self on a date to The Opera of Disconsolate Ingratitude.

The show is overbooked anyway.  Standing room only.  Might be better just to leave.  No great loss.  The guy couldn't sing his way out of an American child-soldier video.  You're not missing anything.

Good luck.

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