Peace Is Not The Answer

By Nathan Payne | pablosmoglives | 26 Sep 2023

CONTENT WARNING:  There is no shortage of YouTubers, people in prepper circles, and independent news pundits who sell false positives to keep the revenue coming in.  This doesn't mean that they're entirely wrong, but it does make their message incomplete.

This article is an attempt to see the shadow of the truth that everyone ignores.  The hour is getting late, and the shadows have grown longer.  The time has come to give these shadows greater consideration.  This article is an attempt at this exercise.  It isn't light.  Consider yourself warned.


1.  Strange Fruit From The Murder Tree


"I stopped being a hippie and I started to develop the idea
of devolution.  I got real, real pissed off."
Gerald Casale, witness to the Kent State Massacre


America wasn't built by Rock & Roll rich kids smoking weed and flashing "peace" signs at the looming specter of death.  The reason MLK and other American martyrs of the 20th Century were able to achieve the things they achieved was because the entire culture understood that they were operating from a foundation of individual human rights.  "Foundation" meaning, the law of the land, meaning the U.S. Constitution.  Any progress made by the hippies toward ending the Vietnam War was made because everybody involved in the question understood that the U.S. Constitution was the law of the land.  And still there was the Vietnam War, the Kent State massacre, and the assassinations of RFK, MLK, JFK, etc.  In spite of the general narrative that the "counterculture" was a grassroots cultural movement comprised of pure, loving new-age teddy-bear heroism, not all of it was as clean and clear as that.

A bowling alley that didn't cater to blacks in Orangeburg, South Carolina pissed off a bunch of students, 3 of whom were killed by police in the ensuing obligatory dramatic noise.  Presumably, the protesters didn't think the owner had the right to cater to the customer base of his choice, and the gymnasium of South Carolina State University is now named after the 3 unfortunate individuals who were sacrificed on the altar of Marxist forced compliance.


Among other reasons, their deaths were unfortunate because they died for the unworthy cause of trying to force a business owner to do business with people he didn't want to.  A sacrifice which has gone completely unnoticed, judging by the self-absorbed, emotionally-charged words of Kelsey Blackwell, who writes in an article titled Why People of Color Need Spaces Without White People, "People of color need their own spaces.  Black people need their own spaces.  We need places in which we can gather and be free from the mainstream stereotypes and marginalization that permeate every other societal space we occupy.  We need spaces where we can be our authentic selves without white people’s judgment and insecurity muzzling that expression.  We need spaces where we can simply be—where we can get off the treadmill of making white people comfortable and finally realize just how tired we are."

The question is, is the purpose of the article to argue for the use of the U.S. Constitution as a way of defending the rights of the individual against being forced to congregate with people he or she doesn't want to, or is the article being used to divide and atomize people, and undermine the cohesiveness of the Constitutional Republic itself?

Whatever the case, Ms. "Blackwell," I'm sure Samuel Ephesians Hammond Jr. (18), Delano Herman Middleton (17), and Henry Ezekial Smith (18), all of whom were shot down while "protesting" a bowling alley that was, apparently, a safe space for white people in the 1960s, would be extremely interested to hear how tired you are of writing about your victim trip from the oppressive confines of Harvard.

Of course, this is how you begin your article, so perhaps Harvard has indeed become oppressive.  We get it, you're all about the power of your feels.

"I’m breathing deeply as I write this.  What I’m writing about is charged.  I feel this energy in my body.  It’s a heat in my throat and a rumbling in my belly.  It’s an intensity that’s frustrated that these words must even be written.  It propels me through my fears of backlash and worry about not getting it exactly right.  What I say may anger you.  You may disagree.  You may feel more confused, and this, I would say, is good.  It means the work can begin.



1) Your topic isn't charged, it's tired.  Overwrought and overplayed.  Nobody at Harvard should care about the rumbling in your belly.  They probably say they do to keep the grant money flowing, but they don't.  Your belly is your problem.  2) What you say does anger me, but only because I've been listening to it for over 30 years, and it bores me.  It angers me like a bad cover of "Margaritaville."  It's like a Mad-Libs template of mediocrity.  Here's the script, fill in the blank spaces with smiley faces and monosyllabic subjectivist anti-prose.  3) I'm not confused.  It's not confusing; it's painfully obvious.  "Cringey," as they probably say at Harvard.

Don't bother me, I'm breathing?  Who's the real victim, the kids who were shot trying to force a business owner to bake a gay wedding cake in a straight-person's bowling alley, or the people hanging like strange fruit from the murder tree, who died so you can whine about being tired at Harvard?


2.  The Word is a Weapon

I no longer believe peace is "the answer."  Disbelieving in peace is not a call to arms, because a call to arms implies that there's an answer.  There is no answer.  At least, not a worldly one.  Not only does the question suck, no answer exists that will ever satisfy it fully.  Arms included.  I'm not saying don't defend yourself, I'm just saying it isn't the answer.  Fighting back, however morally or legally justified, is only the other side of the question.

We are all like ants, trying to build hills, and Satan is the greasy kid planting firecrackers everywhere, laughing at the carnage.

It doesn't do any good to fight the other ants.

And, maybe you've noticed, you can't even talk to the other ants anymore.  Because we are at war, *speech is no longer considered free or peaceful.  "Speech is violence" now.  They think speech is violence, because they are themselves violent.  Everything is violence when you are violent.  Including speech.  Beware anyone who thinks you are aggressing on them when you talk; they are dangerous, violent psychopaths who will destroy you.  You will be much safer in the presence of people who are bearing actual dangerous firearms, who see those firearms as implements of peace.

People who think speech is violence and people who think assault rifles are implements of peace have nothing in common.  They are exact opposites.  One is dangerous and unstable, the other is secure and capable of self-control.  But if you're surrounded by people for whom "la palabra es un arma" (the word is a weapon), never forget that, according to the street art below, the fluffy, psychotic core of the violence is pollo.  Which is Spanish for chicken.

It doesn't mean they're not dangerous.  It just means they're cowards.  Which is why they're dangerous, actually.

So... is the kid a writer, or a warrior?  An insurgent, or a chicken?

In a world without answers, what difference does it make?



3.  The Senseless Wisdom of the Streets

I never understood the joke in this scene from Training Day until recently.  The senseless wisdom in "the snail joke" is on point.  What are you gonna say to the world, "hands up, don't shoot?"  Peace man/freeze/I have a gun?  To what end?  Your grandma gets shoved onto the subway tracks by a future massacre victim in NYC, your kids are shrink-wrapped so they don't get a disease from the guy who's about to mutilate their genitals, and the president is a morass of drooling nonsense and arrogant dismissiveness that aggressively revels in provoking a nuclear superpower so he can wash his money in a laundromat staffed by fragrant underage girls in a country run by a coked-up male stripper who has lost the better part of half a million of his own countrymen in 18 months, instead of making peace.  Maybe some dead kids from Orangeburg should blow some potsmoke in Zelensky's face, before he smokes any more crack out of a Leopard-skin tank from The Underwear Drawer of the World, formerly known as the greatest nation on earth.

Not that it would help, but another half-million Ukrainians might not have to die prematurely in someone else's question.... yet.

As Scott Glenn says in the scene, "You figure that joke out, you'll figure the streets out."


4.  Bullets & Rocks

Don't waste your time on the video, but glance at the title of this news report from March of 2018, more than 2 years before the instigators of war started the Summer of Love & Violent Insurrection in the U.S. in 2020, and tell me again with a straight face that peace is the answer.  Hast thou forgot Orangeburg so easily, Satan?  I thought you wanted people to be forced to mix with other races?  Are you declaring war on the strange, forgotten fruit of the past, and, having been blinded by this racist bloodlust, believe yourself to be at war with white people, instead of yourself?

When people who have chosen the worthless path say, "Yeah yeah yeah, hit his ass," am I "muzzling your expression" with my "white people’s judgment and insecurity" by calling it an act of war?

Are you going to listen to the modern-day MLKs, the Thomas Sowells and Candace Owenses and the like, who understand the foundations of individual liberty on which the possibility for peace can be laid,

Or are you going to breathe into your Cappuccino at the commissary at Harvard, summoning your own ersatz bravery in the prologue of your own article, exhaling cinnamon-scented words of violence in your comfy, tired war with nothing?

Is the future built with bullets and rocks?

Or is it comprised of diversity hires with IBS?


"The future is built on bullets and rocks."

Apparently, peace is not the answer.

Apparently, it isn't good enough.


5.  The Rise of Sillystring Theory

Please don't misunderstand me.  When I say "peace is not the answer," I'm not saying go out and violently assault these people.  I'm saying don't make yourself into a victim by believing an obvious lie and flouncing through a battlefield with your guard down.  If you were born, at some level you are a warrior.  Get there.  Find that place now.  Peace only works in a system in which everybody understands the importance of individual rights.  MLK didn't re-invent the wheel, he pointed out that we weren't using the wheel as originally designed.  Because he was right, he could achieve his goals peacefully.  Outside of the framework of mutual respect and equal rights, however, talking about peace is like submitting a crudely-drawn smiley face for your doctoral dissertation on superstring theory.  It's cute, pleasant to look at, perhaps even worthy of pursuing, but it doesn't have anything to do with the topic at hand.  What topic?  

Violence!  War!  Weirdness!  Conquest!  Hatred!  Words!

What else?


(Of course, these days, you can't submit a dissertation on superstring theory anymore.  The word "super" is violent, because it implies that some strings can be better than others.  Because we are all participants in a violent world of power and control, superstrings are banned.  No excellence allowed.  This is not the land of reason; it's the land of Sillystring Theory.  We get away with anything we want here.  Peace is for rich kids, Uncle Toms, and hippies.  Reason is for civilized rights activists from the 1960s.  Excellence is something that can only be ascribed to a butcher, or a beat.  Nothing else qualifies for greatness.  Cuts of synthetic meat, and prefab hip-hop beats.

Dope swill.

Silly, yet immovable.)

Something to think about, while we're writing about the power of our own breathing.


6.  A New Cold War

The U.S. Constitution wasn't written by Marxist keyboard warriors, career politicians, or even professional soldiers.  It was written by regular people (albeit smart ones) who went to war with the most powerful army of the time in a blood-and-guts, ground-level struggle for freedom and survival, and won.  And they couldn't have done it without the help of the French.

The founding fathers didn't stand in Boston Harbor with bongs and bellbottoms, singing Cat Stevens songs to the British.

They fought back.

Peace is not the answer.

There is no answer.

Jesus is the answer.

What's the question?

Sin, for one.

There are many questions.  Why so fatalistic?  Is it negative, or true?  Is there hope?  Can peace be achieved by people who have no individual rights?

Does not the erosion of those rights constitute a declaration of war?

On all of us, by everybody else, and those other guys too?

Are the J6 people not political prisoners of a new cold war, with punitive prison sentences that exceed even the machinations of the Soviet gulag machine?

Has war not been declared?  Are we going to defeat the New World Order with hugs?

Are they not goading us to hug them, so that we find ourselves in closer, open-armed proximity to their malevolent designs?

Shouldn't we stand back a bit?  Slowly back out of the room entirely, dispenser of leaden Pez in hand, in the event we need to defend ourselves with a rapid distribution of candy to the enemy?

Or should we stand around like rubes and clap?


7.  A Knife or an Eye

From the article Rights Over Privilege:


Legally speaking, there is no such thing as minority-group rights.  There are only human rights.  Dogmatically speaking, there is a broad spectrum of opinion and belief on the subject, but legally speaking, which is the only thing that matters, there is no such thing as minority-group rights.  There are only minority-group privileges.

A right is something that can only be exercised by any given individual in real time on the spot, regardless of what anybody thinks about it. 

A privilege is something that must be granted by a legal authority greater than the individual.  Legally speaking, this is not a right.

It doesn’t matter what anybody thinks about it, because this is a basic legal fact.


The reason I'm saying "peace is not the answer" is because the American Constitutional framework is the only framework under which peace can be legally guaranteed for every individual, and it is under assault.  J6 proves that in fact it has been defeated.  To say it is a major loss is to make the understatement of the millennium.  The only loss that's greater is the loss of a soul into an eternity of hellfire.  But the U.S. Constitution wasn't founded on hugs, and it won't be preserved by hugs.  If I thought it could be saved, I'd be standing on the wall of the Alamo alongside you,

But it won't be saved. 

I'm not saying don't defend yourself.  Today is a good day to die. 

Embrace it, unless God tells you to go to Mexico, or the Bolivian Andes.  In which case, do that.  Let the people on death row malign your stay of execution,

Or even your Governor's pardon.  It's their funeral.

Just don't put your faith in fairytales such as the capacity of a fallen, sinful species to create utopia out of war.

It's been done.  It doesn't work.

Gandhi said, “An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.”

He was killed, y'know.

And here we are.


8.  The Tide of Disconsolate Weeping

Of course, why not give it a shot.  I'm tired of dope swill, aren't you?  Since it's never been done, let's figure out how to liberate our own specific, racially-exclusive warlord group at the next Pablo Smog's Republican Army meeting.  Liberating the people from a disconsolate nature prone to violence and war will require lots of bullets.  And rocks.  And words.  And sillystring.

If you can even tell the difference anymore.


I'm not saying don't defend yourself, but the entire point of this article is to remind the reader that we are in a state of war.  War has been declared on us, all of us, the entirety of the human race, and pretending that we're not in a fight for our lives will only get us prematurely killed.  When I moved to Austin in 2006, the guy I was going to be sharing the shotgun shack with said, "the place is in a black neighborhood; you okay with that?"  At the time, it would never have occurred to me to have a problem with it.  These days, I wouldn't move there.  Black kids have been weaponized against whites; to deny that is to go dancing naked in a minefield.  There's nothing positive about denial.  Acknowledging the fact of other peoples' racism isn't an inherently racist act on my part.  No one will ever convince me that the Aryan Brotherhood is the answer, or to join the KKK or read Mein Kampf or hate the Jews or to return to some demonic pagan roots from Medieval Scandinavia, or to even remotely consider black, brown, or any other people my natural enemy at any level,

But I also understand that war has been declared on not only reason, but also heterosexuality, Christianity, white people, and males, and as a member of all of those groups I will watch my six accordingly.  You may choose to plant flowers in the gun barrels of your enemy, but choose to do so from an understanding that you are in a war.  You can fight it with flowers, words, guitar riffs, or anything you like, but understand that peace is not an option.  Which is to say, it's always an option, but no one ever chooses it.  Apparently, it isn't good enough.

Peace is always an option, but it's the only one that has clearly been wiped off the table, like the scribblings of a toddler on the paper tablecloth at Chuck-E-Cheese.  Yeah, of course.  It's a bad thing.  But it's the truth.  I'm not projecting it, predicting it, or fulfilling it by "calling it out."  I'm observing it.  I'm watching the war unfold in real time, every day on the future history channel.  If you think I'm creating the war by "believing myself to be in one," then you are cannon fodder for the Antichrist.  In the face of every piece of conceivable evidence to the contrary, you do have the free will to choose to believe yourself to be THE ONE PERSON IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD who is going to throw off the shackles of the sin nature like a loose bathrobe and go skinny dipping in the eternal waters of the great moral void.  Blissful, devoid of both culpability and purpose, like a sea sponge.

For everybody else, whether you are a 3-percenter, a Minuteman, a hippie, a car mechanic, a cop, a cartel mule, a soccer mom, an insurance adjuster, or a torch singer blowing potsmoke in the masked visage of the great, faceless oppressor...

When the tide of disconsolate weeping floods your ears and you find it impossible to entirely recover from the shock that incapacitates your ability to care about life ever again, remember:

Jesus is the only way (John 14:6).

It's not a hopeful message.  It's a hopeless one.  In a worldly sense.  Hopeless.  If there was any hope in violence and war, we would have found it by now.  If there was any hope in being oblivious to our own incapacity for peace, we wouldn't need God.  The silver lining is that many people who would go to hell with their false positivity intact, will find themselves entering into life severely maimed.

It's harsh.  Disconcerting and unpleasant. 

But it's only negative if it isn't true.  The only way to the white pill is through the black pill, not around it.

Thanks for listening.

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