Disgruntled Customers at the Spirit Terminal

By Nathan Payne | pablosmoglives | 21 Sep 2023

"The wicked shall be turned into hell,
and all the nations that forget God."
Psalm 9:17


I have been binging on police body-cam videos tonight.  It's like eating an economy-sized bag of Cheetos in one sitting and washing it down with a gallon of high-fructose corn urine.  By the end, though, I felt bad for them.  The nausea and aggravation passed, and morphed into a strange, sad, sympathy.  To my own relief and surprise, to be sure, I felt actual sympathy-from-a-distance for the Karens.  The white-trash whiners, the liars, the drunks.  The officious rich black kids, commanding white cops around like people who actually believe they're going to skate through life without consequence, or that their privilege is not being used by power-mad elites to undermine every shred of S.O.L. (standard of living) out from under them, so that we all might be serfs.  They really don't see it.  They actually believe they're being oppressed.

It's hard to watch.

Sympathy isn't the word.  But these people are living "proof" of the existence of hell.  They're going to spend eternity arguing with the flames why they shouldn't be there.  Think about it.  It's horrific.

That guy has problems.  He's going to cry "discrimination" at the flames, in a cellblock next to Adolf Hitler, forever.  His sin is sanctimony.  Animals don't have it.  Beings created in the image of God, who know the difference in good and evil (whether they're aware they know it, or not), are prone to it.  It might even be necessary to resist it.  At some level, the capacity for it exists in all of us.


Remember kids, worthlessness is always a choice.  Nevermind why so many people choose it.  That's another conversation for another time.  But no matter who you are, worthlessness is always a choice.

The spirit of entitlement has been allowed to take root in the U.S. because the country has turned its back on God.  I've been in Mexico for 3 years, and have never seen a Latina Karen.  Ever.  Mexico doesn't have the luxury of choosing its problems.  Thousands of people risk their lives daily to experience the privilege of being able to indulge in your luxurious, self-appointed pain, gringa.  You think you're all hardcore because you can speak Spanish?  Do you think you're not an American?  You talk to the cops like a spoiled, rich American.  Try talking like that to a Mexican cop.  Would your mother even bother to hang a poster of your face on the wall of desaparecidos, haunted pictures of disappeared kidnapping victims no one will ever see again, in your town?  You are aware that mothers of the disappeared in Mexico band together and go out to places rumored to be the location of mass graves, in the hopes of finding a body part, just a hand dear Lord, an ankle, anything, please, to give them at least a semblance of closure?  You are aware that they stick metal rods into the ground, and if there's any gore on the end of the rod when it comes out, they know they've found a body?  You are aware that this is the daily reality of many people, while you order polite cops around from your haughty, jeweled perch in your rich people's clothes and cars... right?

You are aware that, like a rich kid, you are spitting in the face of everybody who ever gave their 13-year-old daughter birth control in Nicaragua, so she wouldn't get knocked up on her voyage to the great, golden cities to the north, right?  Everyone who drowns in the Rio Grande for a chance to bitch like you do, actually bitch (oh the luxury!), complain, and moan, like a rich person, whining about your "rights" while the polite cops peacefully remove you from the premises of the soft, clean, white-collar job you took for granted, that lets you wear what you want, that doesn't make you stand on concrete floors all day making televisions for $2/hour, aging you rapidly and forcing you into the arms of the 2nd boy you ever met, maybe.  Because what options are there, anyway?

You're spitting in their faces, all of them.  My ancestors too.  Anyone, who came here.  Not to mention the actual geniuses who came up with the greatest form of government the secular world will ever know.  Constitutional Republicanism, individual rights, the whole thing.  And all the MLKs who were literally KILLED IN THE WAR to defend those rights.  And Rosa Parks, and others.  America is the only country in history literally anyone can be from.  It actually doesn't matter if your name is Ortiz or O'Malley.  You can be an American either way.  If I spent the rest of my life here in Mexico, lived to 100, became fluent in Spanish, became a legal citizen, married a Mexican girl and had 1000 Mexican kids, I will still never be Mexican.  But my Mexican wife could become an American.

Like you are.  And you're spitting in her face.



There are options, to be sure.  Mexico isn't a 3rd-world country.  Some parts of it are downright cosmopolitan.  But I have never seen elderly women selling paper flowers by a smoggy freeway underpass in the United States.  At least, not yet.


Do you think that woman will sympathize with your optional, manufactured plight?  Your drunken whining about lawyers?  Your transparent, childish tendency to cry about getting wet, after pissing in your pants? 

You dug your own hole, because you have a sin nature, and self-sabotage is an option.  I've done it myself.  But people who create problems where they don't have any, have chosen to be worthless.

Many people choose the worthless path, but it's always a choice.

Airport Karen is Convinced That Laws Don’t Apply To Her:

This video is the point where I started feeling bad for the people who are sitting on a conveyor belt to hell, whining about their fake, non-existent problems.  Listen to her.  Through the aggravating attitude of entitlement, to the molten core of the moral dilemma itself.  You can hear it.  She is living proof of hell.  She will spend eternity screaming at the worms to let her go.  She will make furious, ridiculous demands on the flames to stop hurting her, and their non-compliance will only enrage her further.  Watching this last video, I stopped being aggravated and angry at these people.  Of course, I left my entire cultural tradition and language to get away from them, and it's easier when you live in a culture that is completely devoid of Karens, but still.

Because, think about it, and this is the point.  Watching and listening to these people, does anybody think they're going to actually learn their lesson, and back off?  Does anybody think they will repent?  The "good" people don't even repent; what chance do these people have?  Some chance, to be sure, but the odds are low.  I wouldn't bank on it.

Of course, some tiny handful of select individuals certainly will repent.  But the culture at large?  Does anybody think that's going to happen?  Does anybody really believe that everything that has happened under the Biden regime hasn't been allowed by God, and is NOT some kind of judgment?  Whether Trump was ever going to MAGA or not, was his presidency NOT America's last chance to repent and turn to God?  Did God NOT throw a wrench into the schemes of the devil by letting Trump win in 2016?  Is there anybody out there who doesn't see that Trump winning was an act of God's MERCY?  Not to return the U.S. to the way it was in the 1980s, or 50s, but just to simply REPENT?

Did we take the chance while we had it?  Or did we waste it?  Some of us did, some of us didn't.  Trump's presidency was a window of opportunity for America to repent.  And the window has closed, and will never open again.  It had nothing to do with the man himself.  It was a gift of time from God. 

The point is, will these screaming billboards for hell ever stop, or will they have to be silenced by circumstance?  If they think sitting in the backseat of a police car driven by calm, reasonable men is bad, wait 'til they get to Hell.  Or a post-apocalyptic fallout zone.  A world run by patriotic militias at war with drug cartels supplied by the Chinese.  Do these whiners think that EITHER side will do anything but dispose of the useless liability they've allowed themselves to become, on the spot?  In the unlikely event they're still whining anyway.  Which, after about 2 seconds of hardcore, non-negotiable survival truth, is unlikely.  They will not shut up; they will have to be shut up.

By circumstance, if they're lucky (blessed).  By hellfire, if they're not.

"Extreme meltdown" at the Spirit terminal?  Wait 'til she gets to the real spirit terminal.  The one where she will be terrified beyond the capacity to do anything but tremble in a terrified whimper, at the most.  "Disgruntled" doesn't even begin to describe how she will feel, when she finally boards her flight to eternity, when the engines fail and she goes down, and the demons don't comply with her demands to stop slicing her to shreds.

Then, the true meltdown will begin.

Gratitude, and humility.  If you've been socially engineered to engage in the sort of behaviour on display in these videos, start with gratitude.  Shut up, and say thank you.  Just say it.  Thank you.  Say it.  You're rich enough to bitch about nothing.  How amazing is that?  Thousands of people die every day for the same opportunity.  Millions have died already.  It's an amazing, blessed gift.  A rare and wonderful thing.  Stop wasting it on actual worthless bitching, and be grateful for it.  Shout for joy that your problems are so great.  Your problems are amazing.  For Pete's sake, you still get to choose them.  Be grateful for your problems as they exist in all their opulent luxury today, before they get real.  Which they will, very soon.

But no matter what happens, never forget:  No matter who you are,

Worthlessness is always a choice.

Thanks for listening.


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