Awaiting The Great Celestial Bug-Out

By Nathan Payne | pablosmoglives | 8 Apr 2023

“And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge,
God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do
those things which are not convenient;”
Romans 1:28


Lia Thomas is the Napster of women's sports.  Independent musicians were forced into hiding when Napster made it impossible for independent musicians to survive.  Like it, believe it, or not, when nobody pays for the fruit of the labors of any tradesman in any given trade, only the hyper-corporate shills can survive.  I don't generally waste my breath (anymore), and I'm not going to start now.  Suffice it to say, Lia Thomas is the Napster of women's sports.

According to Breitbart, "No arrests were made Thursday night after a transgender mob assaulted former NCAA women’s swimming star Riley Gaines after she delivered a speech at San Francisco State University, in which she discussed saving women’s sports and highlighted her personal experience competing against biological male athlete Lia Thomas."  Apparently, Riley Gaines spent 3 hours taking cover in a locked room, where independent, talented athletes have apparently been forced to retreat in the face of a legally-immune mob of violent, irrational, hyper-corporate transsexuals who think they're entitled to hang out in locker rooms designated for the opposite sex, and who are also surely entitled to the fruits of musicians' labors for free.

Why?  What's wrong with these people, anyway?  How are we going to win a "culture war," when we can't even keep weird, degenerate perverts out of the women's locker room?

We're not, and that's the point.

When my friend in Fort Worth started the GoFundMe last year, he asked me, "What is something positive about humanity as you see it currently?"  The question caught me off guard, since I see very little that is positive about humanity.  And nothing that has ever been sustained.  I call it "the infinite capacity of human incapacity."  You may malign the sentiment, and I know many of you will.  But can you disprove it?  Not dismiss and deny; disprove.

Today?  When you can't even tell the truth to your own friends, for fear of losing your livelihood?

Have we evolved into this recent outgrowth of extraordinary societal positivity, after thousands of years of war and disease, because we're "good?"

You're beating on conservatives, Christians, white people, you name it, because... "they made you do it?"  Like an abusive husband, who beats his wife in a blackout?

Is that you?  Did we make you do it?  Is it your virtue that causes you to actually think your unbelievable, ridiculous disdain is important to those of us who have left you?


Far from believing owning up to the truth is negative, in fact I believe the West has gone soft with positivity.  Human beings are so naturally debauched, so inherently sinful, that even "positivity" has become a vice.  Say something positive, you mean, to a bunch of people who are old enough to drink, vote, and go to war?  Do they actually need to hear it?  Shouldn't they have the fortitude to weigh the negative possibilities in the balance by now?  And is there anything negative, really, about.... sobriety?  I understand the terminal affirmation addict is going to hesitate, but rational, consenting adults?  But my friend asked, and to my own surprise, I cobbled an answer out of thin air.

Which was, "The more ridiculous things get, the more reasonable people with live-and-let-live attitudes tend to set aside their differences. Faced with extreme, aggressive, and divisive absurdity, even people with little-to-nothing in common (except perhaps a desire for peace) seem to be able to find at least some common ground in the face of cultural trends which seek to undermine, invalidate, and alienate us all."

Not bad, but is it going to make a difference?

Of course not, and that's the point.


"All the bad kings are in the right places."
Bill Salus


Bill Salus makes this statement at the 15:50 mark in the video above.  The entire video is worth a comprehensive look-see.  Because, hopefully, it will start you on a path of looking for the Biblical answer and explanation to what's going on today, not only in America but around the world.  Tom Hughes and Bill Salus are talking about current events, and how they line up with Biblical prophecy.  If 50% of American society has been "given over to a reprobate mind," as stated in Romans 1:28, is there any way to vote them out of power, or start buying the albums of their patriotic counterparts, tilting the scales of culture back in favor of artful, philosophically-advanced Western civilization?  Can we stop buying Bud Light and Jack Daniel's to the salvation of the nation?

Or, are "all the bad kings in the right places," as Bill Salus suggests?  Is America being allowed to fail, so it can't interfere with the aggression of the Eastern armies against Israel?

And if so, should we get our house in order, and repent of the sinful clutter in our hearts and minds?  Do we have time to indulge the obvious sinful activities in our lives?  Drunkenness, shacking up, refusing to forgive everyone who has ever wronged us, however difficult it may be?  Is it negative to weep?  Shall we turn our positivity to heaviness, if indeed we are standing at the gates of judgment?


“Be afflicted, and mourn, and weep: let your laughter be
turned to mourning, and your joy to heaviness.”
James 4:9


Because the answer isn't political, and there is no earthly way out.  SPOILER ALERT:  None of the screaming, disconsolate social-engineering projects are going to make it.  They have allowed themselves to be primed for destruction, and their destruction is pretty darn well nigh.  They have abandoned all hope, and will be churned in the furnace of Antichrist fire for all eternity.

It's a bad thing, but they've made up their minds.

The only question is, who will let themselves be dragged down to hell with them?

People talk about bug-out locations, and my joke is that Mexico is my bug-out location of choice.  You have a cabin in the woods, a bunker in the mountains; I have Mexico.  But the joke isn't funny anymore.  Mexico has become significantly more dangerous since I crossed the border 2 weeks before the stolen American presidential election in 2020.  This story published yesterday on Breitbart reports on 23 people who were kidnapped while traveling from the state of Guanajuato to Saltillo, Coahuila.  Most of the hostages were released, in a town called Matehuala.  The reason it's crazy to me is that I know these places.  I have go-to hotels in both Saltillo and Matehuala.  

And I have driven many times through the state of Guanajuato.  Never Sonora (GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING), but who knows, maybe tomora.

As brutal as those stories and images are, what if, in the near future, they're the lesser of 2 evils?  What if a world in which armed gangs of narco thugs unloading hundreds of rounds into 2 guys until they turn into the horror display at a wax museum is a safer environment than one populated by starving, entitled people who have been trained to not only hate each other, but to also force others to pay homage to their constantly-changing, apparently-insatiable sexual preferences?

It's hard to imagine.  In fact it's impossible.

Unless, of course, you believe these people are ever going to actually be happy, in the event they get what they've been trained to think they want (which they never will), by people who are using them to destroy the foundations of civilized society?

They're not going to make it.  And I'm not going to sing for them anymore.  They're standing too close to the flames.

The point being, what kind of bug-out location is there really going to be, in a world of Centralized Digital 5G Narco Tokens, government-subsidized Fentanyl zombies, and transsexual A.I. Terminator cops?  How long until Netflix releases a series titled Molested By A Robot?  Of course, the story will not sympathize with the victims of the robot, at all, but will rather dictate to the audience in sanctimonious tones that it must sympathize with the plight of robo-rapists everywhere.  Unless they're white, of course.

If your robot rapist is white, it is acceptable to kill him.

Whatever the case, I salute you if you stand by your oath and hold the line at the Alamo, I really do.  At some level, I might even almost wish I had been called to join you.  But I don't think I have been.  And it doesn't mean NOT to keep your word and hold the line at the Alamo,

But it might also mean,

When considering a bug-out location,

To consider the only one that is genuinely fool-proof.

Literally fool-proof.  Heaven can not fail.  Heaven is fool-proof.


"The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God."
Psalm 14:1


In the meantime, I suppose we ought to clear out the skeletons and throw them away, whether they're collectible or not.  Is there a market for deep, dark, collectible secrets?  Little plastic monsters, action figures of loathing, arms and legs set into postures of malice, and war.  Look at this one, this disfigured monster of perfect contempt, I've never even unwrapped.  Still in mint condition, in its original packaging, untarnished by exposure to the elements of freedom and life.

Maybe I should throw him away, before it's too late.

Will you join me?  Shall we all rise up together in The Great Celestial Bug-Out, when the Lord calls us home? 


“Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing
of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;”
Titus 2:13


Maybe He'll call us out of here while we're holding the line at the Alamo, or driving through Guanajuato, or wasting our time trying to reason with the dissolute attendees of an Antifa rally full of anemic, LARPing demons.  Maybe we'll be called up through the roof of an American Gulag, after another 2 years of being held w/o trial.  Or maybe we only have to wait 2 more months.

Or maybe.... 2 minutes?

At some point, it will actually be that close.  What if it was that close right now?  Would we have time to not forgive our enemies, if we knew Jesus was standing at the door?


“For a great door and effectual is opened unto me,
and there are many adversaries.”
1 Corinthians 16:9


I'm talking to myself, y'know.  I need to hear it at least as much as anybody else.  Maintaining your faith in a vacuum of reason and love, is an act of willful intent. 

It doesn't come naturally.

Whatever the case, if God has given the U.S. and the West over to a reprobate mind, and we can't vote, mute, loot, shoot, chant, plant, recant, boycott, vibe, jibe, nuke, puke, smoke, joke, croak, crow, moo, crew, chew, chug, spit, sling, or sing our way out of it,

Maybe we should come to the end of ourselves,

Before the end beats us to it.

Thanks for listening.

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