Ponzi Plus Token ETH on the move!

Ponzi Plus Token ETH on the move!

By Project Uwb | ozmate | 25 Jun 2020

Hey all, I guess there is some turbulence ahead for the crypto market as evident from the sea of red on the Coingecko heat map! https://www.coingecko.com/en/heatmap

There is suggestions that a large amount of ETH from the Plus Token Ponzi scheme is on the move! Approximately 789534 ETH at a value of approximately 188 Million USD at the time of writing has been moved within the last 24 hours. Here is the Eth link to the address from where the ETH has been moved.


I guess as the sell pressure increases and the given economic climate with COVID, this probably means a steep dive for the crypto market before it finds a place to settle and rebound from!

It is really interesting to note that these dirty funds can be tracked so easily but eventually they do make it to the wider market and get sold! Anyone knows why these tokens are not somehow black listed and stopped from being sold in the legitimate markets? Would be interesting to know your views and any further info on the coins that are being moved!!

Have a bit of a snoop and feel like a detective!

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( Credits to Coingecko and Etherscan for the information in the links)

(Image Credit news.bitstarz.com )

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Project Uwb
Project Uwb

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I have been in the crypto game since the All time highs April 2017. I consider myself a newbie and interested in anything that decentralizes archaic systems!!

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