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OYAAA is a social media platform based on blockchain, committed to becoming a community oriented whereby blockchain investors, traders, crypto enthusiasts can freely communicate and collaborate with each others.

Oyaaa have a trending tab where you can easily see what crypto topic is Trending right now as well as see posts about it. By that way you can have fun with your friends while keeping yourself updated with latest crypto news.

Also, OYAAA HAVE A Marketplace to Buy and Sell whatever you want to! 

Well whenever you get bored of scrolling through your feed or feel like shopping, head over to the marketplace, buy whatever you want. 

More exciting thing is you can use either Crypto or Fiat to buy and sell stuffs, efficient right? 

So join Oyaaa today and enjoy crypto friendly decentralized social media!


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Whether you are just interested in the crypto price or you want to look for crypto Community ... OYAAA is the perfect place to learn about crypto currencies and exploring the future of blockchain. Join OYAAA and realize your dream for share about crypto😍 https://oyaaa.net

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