Expiriences with Soup Swap

Hello again.

today, I've invested in Soup Swap. I've seen the site at Medium.

Then I've checked if it's scam. Ok. You can't be really sure. But all was good, until now. ;-)

Ok. Now, here is my instruction:

1. Go to the Homepage: https\\soupsswap.io It's important to write soupsswap!!!


2. Then push the botton "Offer SPW".


3. Now, you can decide your payment coin: USDT(erc20) or USDT(trc20) I've decided to pay in USDT(erc20)


4. Then, you must copy the Wallet adress and make the payment from Binance for example. But check, if your payment is above 100 USDT exclusive your fees.

5. The next step is, to put your amount of USDT exclusive your fees in the field:


6. The Payment Proof is the Link of your Payment at Etherscan. Copy the ID and paste it in this field.


7. In this step, you put your email adress in.


8. Now, you must put your SPW(bep20) Adress in this field. (It's important, that is the bep20 adress, if not, you lost your coins.) But the adress begins with 0x....., too. I put my coins in my trust wallet.


9. Here, you check, if you have reached the min. amount of 100$ again.


10. And finally you push the button "Submit". That's it. The  rest make the coin. :-) In max. 30min. you get your coins.



Ok. That's all I've done and I've got my coins. 

Greetings from Bavaria.



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