Experiences with Upland

So, I’m in the testing phase of upland. Its’s a good game like monopoly. But you must invest real money to come up. I’ve invested 100€ and I’m now a pro. You get UPX for every house, you buy. But it’s not really much. So, you must solve tasks, to get boosts in earnings. 
By the way, I’ve bought at WAX an NFT Card Pack from Upland. That’s actually get unpacked. But I’ve found a card, that have a listing price up to 1300$. 

The game makes a lot of fun. But 100€ is the limit, I wanna invest.



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Adrenalin Junkie
Adrenalin Junkie

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Own experiences with Crypto
Own experiences with Crypto

In that blog you can see my own experiences with crypto coins, wallets, defi and so on. Because I wanna give my experiences to you.

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