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Rant #4: Crypto Questions? How to ask?

By zpaul_2020blu | Rant Page | 17 Aug 2020

One thing I learned in my career to date is its very important to ask questions. Not the "where do you want me to put this" type question, but the big picture ones that escape some of us (i.e. me) in the moment. How do I switch my line of thinking? Where will token be 2 to 3 years down the line? 

Short story: Had a manager when I was with a certain basketball team in CHI tell me that the way I thought of BTC was short sited. I took it to heart then and have thought about it a looooooooot lately. He gave a lot of attention to another co-worker that was far more advanced here. Dude was setting up virtual shoe raffles in 2017-18 using BTC as payment (per a previous Rant). Me? Barely knew what crypto was, thought scam first, then learn and have had to lean heavily on my own research until I signed up for Coinbase early in 2018. I stopped asking questions out of fear of looking stupid or feeling insignificant in the grand scheme of things. I wasn't out here making $$$$, I was $. Know what I'm sayin?

Why is this story important? I was so afraid of reprisal or what someone thought that I even started to forget to ask the basic "where do you want me to put this" questions in the end!!! While we're all in this 2020 phase of life, I think its important, especially with cryptocurrency, to ask about the basics if you don't understand, do your own research based on feedback, and trust what you can verify.

Help Needed: Now for my noob questions y'all. (1) Do you need to use a wallet? Have been finding it painful to pay mining fees to send from coinbase wallet to coinbase exchange and its eating into small coin gains I've recently made from ETH, BTC, and BAT. (2) Do you think stablecoin vesting is worth it long term? Savings account interest keeps dropping but the stablecoin interest has actually slightly risen?!?!? I'm interested in the dividend portion. 

Thoughts appreciated and later days!

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