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Who wants to live forever?

Artificial intelligence is booming today to the point of seeming out of control and/or uncontrolled.
However, once the fear of a great Replacement or total control of the human race by machines has passed, we will quickly see the progress that this technology can bring.
Far from being afraid of it, my friends and I are looking for what AI can "revolutionize" in our daily lives.
With the tools that already exist, we can imagine our grandchildren's children conversing with... ourselves, although we have ceased to exist.
Indeed, today, artificial intelligence tools can reproduce our voice (example Vall-e or Translotron...). Others can animate images from a photo. It would therefore remain to train machines to converse with us so that they assimilate our way of thinking and an ersatz of our feelings so that our descendants have the impression of discussing with us.
Because of this, we are somewhere approaching eternity.

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Our lives through technology
Our lives through technology

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