photo illustrant le post sur le fait de repenser nos sociétés grâce à l'ia

IA: what if we started to rethink our societies.

The arrival of artificial intelligence is comparable to the industrial revolution of the end of the 19th century or the era of robotization in terms of its impact on our societies and our economies in that it again upsets our relationship in time and space

AI makes it possible to generate very significant productivity gains and to transform many sectors of activity in depth, such as the internet, or even health, finance, logistics and even education.
It therefore becomes reasonable to think that the models that structure our societies will undoubtedly become obsolete.
Indeed, artificial intelligence will lead to the disappearance of a large number of jobs and we cannot imagine the ones it will create.
In this context, it is important to sit around the table and imagine together what tomorrow will be like.
The productivity gains generated by this fabulous tool could allow people to reduce their working time not only weekly but also throughout life. However, the dynamics of current policies are rather in the direction of increasing working time. Nonsense which partly fuels the climate of social conflict in France.

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Our lives through technology
Our lives through technology

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