Your Superpower: Resourcefulness

By MyoeMinnKyaw1 | OupKar | 13 Oct 2020

How your brain becomes dull


In the era where information can be easily accessed by almost everyone, the brain becomes less sharp because we don't use it to find or create solutions anymore.


The brain then gets discontented whenever we can't figure out an answer to our questions in an instant. It chooses to move away from the problem instead of trying to solve it.


How to develop resourcefulness


To develop your resourcefulness, ask yourself these questions:



 • Do you solve your problems in the easiest way you can or do you take the time to figure out a solution?


 • How can you reach your desired result for the problem?



Make sure to practice this consistently in the moment. To be able to answer your own questions is where creative and astonishing ideas materializes. Take control of your actions, thoughts, and emotions.


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