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Hello to all,

Today I'm talking to you and introducing you to a new token that is still not well known in the crypto world but with a very real project behind it. The DEFI Connect (DFC)!

At first glance, you may have the impression that this token is a shitcoin because of its low value (see image from Coinmarketcap below), but the price is not an interesting indicator when investing, it is the project behind it that is and what this token brings!

Defi price

First of all, Defi Connect has a great community, with already more than 30'000 people on Telegram for example ! Moreover, the market cap is currently about 28mio $ but could clearly explode with the adoption of this crypto by many people, there is room for it to rise strongly !

For all the info on the subject, I put you the link of the Whitepapers HERE.

Here are the main goals and utilities of this token:


My favorite is undoubtedly the farming of this token with a return just crazy! Personally, I invested a small fraction of my portfolio because I think that the project can really rise and that by farming I can improve the transactions and democratize this token.
So that you can see, I've been farming some tokens for a few minutes now (just before writing this article), and I'm already at 5000 DFC available for harvest. Knowing that the fees on the BSC are very low, about 15 cents to recover my earnings, it will not take long before making nice profits, and this even with a token that has a lot of zero after the decimal point.

I'm obviously not a financial advisor and I'm not asking you to invest your fortune in it, but I think that betting a coin on this token costs (almost) nothing but can pay off big.

So if you liked to discover this token and you also want to try your luck with the DFC and farm quickly this token, I would be grateful to you to click on my link HERE or below in description, thank you friends.


PS: Don't forget that the Smart Marketing Token ICO ends in 1 day now and that the $1mio hardcap is about to be reached!!! You can buy some HERE and in description by creating an account on the Student Coin platform. You can also get all the info in my previous articles.

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