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I often come across websites promising returns or mining rates that are impossible in real life. On, I was also very skeptical but I want to moderate my words. Here is my opinion on this site:

My account

Firstly, my advice on this kind of site is to always stay on the free option offered by the site, so that even if it turns out to be a scam later, you will not have invested anything and therefore not lost money.

Free plan

So I chose this free option which allows one withdrawal per day, the maximum withdrawal being 0.0001 LTC, which is currently about 2 cents. Not enough to come rich, but at least the site really pays and I have these Litecoin on my Coinbase account.

Payment Proof

As you can see, it is possible to increase your mining rate by investing in a paid version allowing more withdrawals per day but also a higher withdrawal amount. For my part, I told myself that I would continue with the free account and if one day I reach 0.25 LTC, why not upgrade, I will have nothing to lose.


If you want to test the site to receive small payments like me, you can do it directly via this link or via your search browser by putting, it is equal.

Good mining to all and see you soon.

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The Unknown
The Unknown

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