My Shiba Academy

Is My Shiba Academia (MSA) the next x100 token ?

First of all, we have to face the fact that shitcoin is currently performing quite well, with Shiba Inu at the top of them. However, this Shiba Academy project doesn't really look like a shitcoin at all!

Let's take a look at its Coinmarketcap record.


A relatively low price but not with 8 zeros behind the decimal point like all the other shitcoin we know. A market cap of today 8mio with a great potential of increase. What about the total supply which is 5'000'000'000 ! But then, what is behind this project that I think will explode?

My Shiba Academy in figures


This means that you are both paid for each transaction in Shiba on the network but there is also a token burn on each transaction and that's a very good sign.

The My Shiba Academy project is brand new as it was listed today on Coinmarketcap. The features are not yet released so you are at the very beginning, now is the time to bet a coin on the project ;)

This project combines NFT with the trendy Play to Earn games. Indeed, 25'000 heroes in NFT will be sold on Opensea (very good news for the reliability of the project). You will be able to play with your character, modify it and improve it so that you can resell it and make a profit.


The project seems really concrete and the website very serious. Imagine for a moment that a tiny part of the Shiba community starts to play this game and to use this token, it would just become monstrous, and it's now, it's just starting !

I put you the link of the website in description, no affiliate link don't worry ;)

  • However, I take this post to remind you that the SMT (Smart Marketing Token) ICO I've done a few articles about ends in just 1 day and the hard cap of $1mio will probably be reached. If you are interested, you can buy some HERE.
  • Moreover, if you want to join me in the Defi Connect project, token whose farming rates are just amazing, then bet 10 $ to generate nice profits via this link.

See you soon friends and keep an eye on my favorite project, the Student Coin which will soon release these products, namely the Terminal and the STC Exchange !

The Unknown.


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The Unknown
The Unknown

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