How I got $12 without doing anything !

For a week now, I've been telling you about the Yuh banking app. Indeed, this last one has attracted my curiosity and today a new step for me has happened.

My first deposit has indeed arrived on my account! A deposit of 500$ but guess how much I received? 512$!

How does this happen ?

First of all, you have to know that in order to receive the bonus of 500 SQW (token of the app which corresponds today to 0.012$), you have to make a first deposit of 500$ at once. This is what I did last Friday in Swiss Franc for my part.

So 1st deposit, first bonus of 500 SQW. But that's not all because when I created my account, I was asked if I had a referral code. I quickly looked for one on the internet and copied it. This action also earned me an additional 500 SQW which makes a total bonus of $12. That's a win-win. Knowing that SQW is a token that can only increase in value, I'm looking forward to investing in this token and seeing how much it will be worth in 1, 2 or even 5 years.

Don't forget that the more you use the app to make payments, to invest or whatever, the more SWQ you receive for each share that is added to your portfolio.

If you also want to earn 12$ (which you can withdraw at ANY time), don't hesitate to install the YUH app and enter my code 66mf20 which will also make you earn 500 extra SWQ! Don't delay too long because the new SWQ value increase arrives every 15th of every month!

See you soon for new investments!

The Unknown

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The Unknown
The Unknown

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