Crypto sites You should know -ICO Drops (Initial Coin Offering list)

Crypto sites You should know -ICO Drops (Initial Coin Offering list)

By Otek | Otek | 20 Feb 2020

Do you know that ETH Initial Coin Offering price was just 0,31 USD for 1 ETH? 

Current price of ETH is around 250 USD per coin! So if You will bought ETH on ICO now it is worth 800 times more!

That example shows a opportunity that gives you a Initial Coin Offering!


So ICO Drops is a platform that gives you information about upcoming, active and ended Initial Coin Offering.



On main site You Can find 3 different groups:

Active ICO: Lists the new ICO’s that have gone live.

Upcoming ICO: ICO’s that are at this moment not released but have been announced. they are ordered by the date closest to release.

Ended ICO: ICO’s that have already ended. They are ordered by most recent.


ICO Drops also offer a "Interest Level” rating, which seems to be mostly the opinion of the site authors, however they do claim this is merely for informational purposes only- but it Can be helpful for your investment decisions.


Very interesting part pf that website in my opinion in ICO STATS:



You Can analyse here how old ICOs are doing. You Can find here information what is return of each investment :)


In my opinion that site is extremely useful to every crypto enthusiast and trader :)


Do You ever invest in any ICO? What profits that brings you?



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You Can also earn crypto here:


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