I consider offering crypto for Christmas

By OshO | OshO | 23 Dec 2020

Christmas is coming and every year it's a pleasure to gather with the family !
We hear story from the elders and spend time with the cousins sharing what was important during this past year.

I've been wondering what was important to me during 2020.
I know... harsh year with the pandemic we're facing, but I wanted to see the half-full glass and think about the good stuff.

2020 was the year I decided to dive into the crypto world and not only scratch the surface. Even if I opened my first wallet 3 years before, I was only here to say so..

During this year, my portfolio got 5 times bigger in value and almost 10 times in number of tokens discovered !

That is the experience I want to share to my family during this Christmas.




This is why I am considering offering crypto as a gift to some of my friends and family for Christmas.

I want to offer them tokens that means something and they can care about.
Plus, I want to offer them a way to get involved in the crypto world and start considering crypto as a part of the future.

In a way, this is me doing my part in the mass adoption we all wish for.

I need you, Publish0x users, to help me select the projects and tokens that can help me achieve this.

I need to find :

  • An easy way to share them the gift (maybe printing a gift card with a QR and tuto on it ?)
  • Coins that will be their first assets (I wish to include the major cryptos but also some alts)

I read somewhere that I could buy a crypto gift, but I want to be the architect of that present and not buy a random crypto wallet with written "gift" on it...

What do you think about this project ?
Would you do it differently ?

Please tell me in the comments !

Thanks for reading

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Young entrepreneur, interested in crypto since several years, I share my experience here ! Comments and feedback would be appreciated guys

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