The beautifulness of Decentralization ORXCASH


In short

Defi will change the world 

DeFi is now an up to date trend of the crypto world. ORXCASH has a goal to keep providing a future-oriented DeFi platform. We are one of the leading projects of the DeFi business in the world.





Can trade

First, you will be able to trade cryptocurrencies on ORXCASH DEX with low commission.  

P2P finance

Then, ORXCASH Cloud Lending will allow people to practice P2P finance.  

Valuable store

The token (ORYX) used among our services, ORXCASH, will play a role as a hub for the exchange of assets provided by users. It's regarded as the only way for "Store of Value" in our services.  


All of the returns earned through our platform will be distributed to token (ORYX) holders and will be reflected token price In other words, ORXCASH will on behalf of the valuation of the whole network, and the users have a chance to earn benefit from the growth of its price. We make sure to develop a user-friendly token economy and keep improving on the usability of the services.


The beautifulness of Decentralization
We will provide kinds of Defi services such as ORXCASH DEX, ORXCASH Cloud Lending, and ORXCASH Divertive Contract. These services are mostly operated on a blockchain with the smart contract automatically. Our open-sourced data is transparent, and all transactions are certified by all people joining the ecosystem. All ordinary people will compose and support the entire system.


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