ORYX Proposal ( Pitch Deck Inclusive)


What are the weaknesses and problems in the industry that ORYX is solving?

Centralized Marketplaces are harming the E-Commerce Industry.

Major marketplaces are actually causing harm to the E-Commerce industry. The current model for marketplaces involves overcharging buyers and unfairly treating sellers. Centralized market leaders focus too much on making sure that their own sites grow, leading them to punish sellers by taking more money from them and forcing them to pay for services which they do not need. The problem is that these markets think they have no genuine competition. At this point, the biggest centralized marketplaces are convinced that their actions will not negatively affect their stature. They can make arbitrary rules, they can charge extortionate rates, and they can change their platform with the click of their fingers. There are no checks and balances. While governments may step in at times to ensure that matters regarding taxation and employment law are being followed, there is nobody who steps in to make sure that the platforms themselves are actually fair to the consumer.


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What impact can Oryx have on society and the nation?

A decentralized platform pulls its strength from the fact that all members of its ecosystem are important. This means that many of the rules and guidelines regarding the sale of goods can be decided (or at least discussed) by actual users. Buyers and sellers would have the ability to consider the guidelines on the marketplaces because the marketplace would actually value them.

The impact that will be felt by users, members and countries of our project is to make it easier for all services needed by all crypto members and non crypto members, because we have several platforms that are very useful for all members, and it's all under the ORYX project. Non crypto members will know more about crypto because of the platform that we serve. Because we have 2 systems on each of our platforms, which can be used by the public and some of the platforms that we have are very related to one another and can also support the popularity of members, content creators, influencers, companies with their founders, artists and others. For now we have several MVPs, including social media platform, video streaming platform, hiring platform and instant exchanges platform. And our future plan will be to create an MVP in the form of a gaming platform, wallet platform, onlineshop platform and others that can be useful for members throughout the country which support crypto companies.


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What is ORYX Exit Goal?

ORYX goal to make this project is

  1. Make it easy for users or members to meet the needs of both primary and secondary with our services.

  2. Creating several brands under ORYX, and these brands have different platforms, but they are interconnected with one another, creating an excellent ecosystem.

  3. We want to develop our project in several countries.

  4. Creating the best economic system for members.

  5. Introducing non crypto members to know about crypto so that more crypto members throughout the country will support the crypto company.

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ORYX  plan for the future :

  1. Go globally, have several offices in several part of the world

  2. Having more than 8 different platforms and interconnected with one another.

  3. Facilitate all payments with ORX tokens

  4. ORX tokens listing on some of the top 10 exchanges


ORYX WEBSITE : https://oryx.network

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