ORXCASH - A Simple Wallet for Everyone.


A Simple Wallet for Everyone.


ORXCASH multi-currency wallets are completely decentralized (non-custodial). Meaning, you control your private keys, not us.

This ensures that you can always restore your funds no matter what happens to ORXCASH in the future. With your private keys, you’ll have full control over your funds.


Buy Crypto


It's easy to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies right from your Bitplicity multi-currency wallet.


Sell Crypto

Sell your cryptocurrencies just as easily as you bought them...Because there's no point in buying if you can't sell.


Store Crypto

Having a secure place to store your assets is a must. Store your funds offline with the ORXCASH Wallet.


Exchange Crypto

Effortlessly exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether or any other ERC-20 token quickly and easily from your wallet dashboard.



Secure Storage


Our multi-currency wallet allows users to securely buy, sell, store, send, and receive cryptocurrencies. Enjoy best in class security and full control of your private keys so that you and only you, have control of your funds. Enjoy sms, pin and multi-sign 2-factor authentication options.




Go Ahead, Get Started : https://orxcash.com




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