If you sign up through my link you basically have a 1.5x bonus as half of what you earn me from referring you, gets sent back



FreeBitcoin.in is a faucet that lets you spin a wheel for a chance at larger prizes once an hour!

Now, that is the basic, trying to get out of a conversation with an ex on the train on the way home explanation.

You will receive .00000005 btc/spin unless you get above a certain number once an hour as you member to do it!

There are some distinct advantages I wish I took advantage of when I first started. 

Firstly, if you sign up through the article use the referral code embedded links at the top or bottom, I share 50% of my referral rewards with my referrals based off of website usage data, it’s a way to earn more based off what you made me by just using the site.

Secondly once you sign up go to the Profile page and turn off lottery and instead choose to get rp.

Third! Spin often, every so often check the rewards page. Turn the rp into wof spins daily and save the rp up to boost the free btc spin amounts, like 95=100% boost and like 480=5x normal rates per hour.

Fourth, don’t play multiply the btc blindly. I play it but I have rules: 
-always start low 2x

-only play with one roll of free btc in spendable or less

-lose first guess close it and wait til the next hour; if right then I use a life system; not allowing me to go below 0.00000004, now I’ll have to save cause after the next roll I’ll be over my max in spendable playing limit.(I’ll save btc til I can buy 1 fun over and over 2500 times) but I already did that! 

*Your goal earn and stake 2500 fun tokens then 2500 in half the time. Be a premium member and earn more wheel of fortune spins, the more spins/hr or spins/wof the better. 

**You’ll be at a great start if you can just deposit 2500 fun tokens, but not all can or will ever trust this site til they can withdrawal but there’s gas fees under $20 withdrawals would be eaten up. Also remember that for deposits! 


good luck and may the odds forever be in your favor


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I want to spend more time with my family. Support for freedom would humbling but I’m just trying to spread the word on some good programs.

Opportunity Presented Plainly
Opportunity Presented Plainly

Daily searches for new crypto apps/sites have given me a list of opportunities easily accessible and easily earned. Some require a niche like driving all day and some walking but almost all are extremely passive!

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