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Xen is so much underrated

By Baxpian | My crypto dreams | 16 Dec 2022

I will quickly show you why Xen crypto is underrated and will be much more valuable in the future.

First of all, all tokens are minted by users so no one has any big amount % of coins in their wallets waiting to dump price like in most crypto projects.

The second one is that project grows in a bear market so you should know what bull run can make with it.

We have a lot of weird capitalization projects that shouldn't be that worth right? the "shit" coins. Just take a look at the numbers!



The next one is Xen Nft's, this gonna burn so much Xen from circulation.



Xen since genesis is one of the most gas guzzlers on eth!



In the end, the guy who is behind this is Jack Levin, one of the first google engineers.


For now, that's all that I get for you, and what do you think now about Xen's future?


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i am just addicted to crypto

My crypto dreams
My crypto dreams

i am trying to learn, earn and dream

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