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Best way to earn crypto while you are a truck driver

By Baxpian | My crypto dreams | 11 Dec 2022

Are you a truck driver? Making miles every day? What if I can make your work more profitable? And that's what CoinApp can do on your phone when you are on the road. And I will try to convince you that is worth to start using it.


First, we have to talk about CoinApp, this is a web 2.0 app that is using our geolocation and paying "coins" for collecting data. That data is a value for XYO erc-20 crypto token that we can collect by spending "coins" rewarded in the app for collecting data by just moving. Also in app we can exchange coins for BTC and ETH and more items like play stations etc.


Now we know how CoinApp works and why they are paying us with crypto or goods for collecting data. But how to start? it is free? or do I have to buy something to use it? So you can try it if you have a smartphone with the internet. That's all, but your earnings not gonna be worth anything if you are not gonna but a subscription plan. This app literally works on a big database using blockchain to that and they are sharing with you that value by letting you own Xyo's that they are working on that's perfect!


I recommend a pro plan it is not cheap to spend 35$ a month that's right I agree, but how much we are gonna earn on it? If you are a truck driver, a lot. I was earning like 4k per day, but I am not a driver I was cycling with the app 2-3h per day. I have earned 120k in a month so I think if you are a professional driver it should be x3 easily so which gives us 360k per month. So lower that to make it even more possible to earn.

Now take a look at the calculator and take 300 000 coins per month in our next calculations.


As you can see 300 000 coins today is worth 31977.25 XYO. and that is 134.81$ so a 100$ net profit in crypto that is valued by over a million users like you collecting data in the same way for a company XY Labs and then they are using it for making functional products like this one below.


XY Find It

The XY4+ Bluetooth Item Finder is our most powerful Bluetooth Item finder ever, with the longest range, loudest sound, and longest-lasting battery.

It lets you use your phone to quickly find the things you misplace most - your keys, the remote, or the kids' backpacks.

Lost your phone? The XY4+ can make it ring, even on silent. Find the things you misplace most like your keys, purse, phone, backpack, or more with XY4+.


Ok, 100$ net profit after paying the next month of using this app, but if you start to believe like me that the company is making something really valuable in the future you can collect XYO and just hold it. Wait until it is gonna be more valuable. For example, take a look at this screen


this is ATH and ATL of XYO. So if you are gonna use this app while driving makes around 31 000 Xyo a month which gives us 372 000 tokens and when the price of the token gonna hits again 0.081391$ that would be 30 277$ by collecting coins for one year. All of that is only speculation and it is not financial advice. This is my own opinion if you believe in that project and you are a driver it is worth it.


Links if you want to do research - Company That's behind everything I wrote about. - Official site of XYO crypto token - coin app official site

twitter XYO



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