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By titufe98 | Opinios | 1 Jun 2021

What is XUSD & why i only use it.


If you dont Know what XUSD is here it is.

XUSD is a Stable coin with very Unique features in regards to other Stable coins, Its a haven Asset an was Lunched to mainnet in July 2020. Its collateralised by Haven’s volatile base currency so its not reliant on access to banking services or centralised control of the collateral. This is a great feature because of potential issues with the Tradition Collateralised backed coins.Issues with this method including, Lack of transparency for proof of reserves along with serves could be seized/Frozen shut down. 

1 xUSD will always be Equal to 1 USD worth of XHV

Here is just another great feature this stable Coin has, With in the Heaven (HVR) Network 1 xUSD will always equal to 1 USD worth of Haven ,this alone keeps the value like you  always wanted . Note: Like all Stable Coins are pegged to Fiat so guaranteed to lose value over time due to Inflation like we are soon to see World Wide. This feature is a lot more secure then any other Stablecoin.


xUSD is also the true most fungible coin.

Every user of xUSD is entirely autonomous so given the Nature of Haven so each unit is Private and keeps Fungibility properties as would Cash, Thus keeping it from ever been Blacklisted due to KYC. Simply put is Private by default. LIke other Private by Default Cryptos it also lets you share Transaction  details if you need to when doing Business. The HAVEN protocol is Based on the Monero (XMR) codebase that grants This like Monero, Haven utilizes Ring Signatures, Ring Confidential, Stealth Addresses anlong with Bulletproofs. The Heaven team also intergated a Chainlink /HVR pricing oracle to get exchange rates and wallet burning.

xUSD is Totally Decentralized each user is in full Control and use it world wide, You dont need 3rd party when converting in the Haven Vault, Like i said it will never lose its peg in the vault. The Design of the Haven Protocol Lets users "Burn" There XHV coins and "Mint" them as xUSD in there wallet.          After offshoring  there coins converting them in there wallets XHV TO xUSD, Later you can Convert back and lose no value of the USD as you get the same value, So lets say 12HVR gave you 100 usd tuesday, You burned them to xusd. Sunday 12 would only be worth 50 usd . You would still have that 100 to buy at a better price.

To my Already Private life and my private Assets it come Natural i would want xUSD over any other. Why would i want to brake the chain on privacy...

Hvr Debt Card https://havenprotocol.org/2021/02/15/haven-xusd-card/ 

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