Elon "The Clwon" Musk an His Joke Coin

By titufe98 | Opinios | 27 May 2021

Why would Elon "The Clown" Musk Pump UP Doge "Joke" Coin?                       What if your the Punch Line? 


                               I never understood why this Clown Musk would waste his time with a coin that is just 100% Trash in every way next to all coins out there... LIke yeah i get it show the power of the Little Guy , Now he wants to change it to make it better but the coin is simply trash. Look at the Market Cap/Vol its crazy how many people put Cash in this TP Coin, I see coins with way less and way more Value... Like i really dont get it..

If he were to do his Home work like most would he not see how bad of an investment Dogecoin is? Or at least point his Followers to a better direction? There just so many Questions that can be Asked and you will not find one good Answer for. When i am new at something or very uninformed in a Matter, It`s normal i would not fully Understand and make Big Stupid Mistakes that make no Logical sense. But is not "The Clown" Musk supposed to be some kind of Super Brain.     I hear people rant of him like he is some kind of Crypto Oracle  an His words are as if Moses was speaking the 10 commandments..... 


Why would the Crypto Mainstream Clown dress up on Saterday Night live in a wow Mario outfit? Because people wanted was a dogecoin Booster? Good question...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I dont watch TV so i did not see the live show, But when i seen the Recap along with news sites i could not help but notice His out fit. That would be the Only reason i watched the recap, His Out fit reminded me of WOWnero.  But yeah he did not say anything about WOWNERO.                                                                                                                                              

                                            d1d4ebc4ea3bbc09d49495beb435eb8a2e98ed654b4bc4cf82d25f1bbd22c436.png? de9c295275ff834261753f7a8f634d7bfa81a1db3da4ae78f824d50b28d84713.jpg   

The " Clown Musk" With all his wisdom, Calls on the mainstream public to Pump a Joke meme Coin That may even hit 1 USD befor the year ends.  A coin "Doge" That has insane Inflation with an unlimited Supply an Hit 92B  Cap. If WOWNERO were to hit those Level it would hit 100 or more. Wownero Has Stronger Economics  Vs Doge an Has Deflationary Cap, With a market cap of just 80M it hit 2 usd.  Plus your left with Full Privacy by default it better Money because of it`s fungible. I guess No one in The Musk Circus came across this. Along with the Mainstream once again Following the Leader instead of doing there home work and become a leader.


      " I guess the Joke with Doge, Makes you the Punch line"




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