Bitcoin getting Hit Hard

By titufe98 | Opinios | 8 Jun 2021

The Manipulative World we live in.


As BTC price drop`s and the Natural correction in my eyes being manipulated by Governments and Big Hedge Funds and main stream clowns Like Musk and Environmentalists. To be a lot worse then i would of ever Thought, The Funny thing it seems to be all with BS arguments and Illegal Government actions. People really need to start taking Sociology class 101, Start too take words in to perspective like Perception, Social mechanics, anticipation, Natural human behavior, Manipulation. 

Lets start with the whole Environmentalists BS, Who really thinks that the Carbon Hoax is real? Like lets stop and use what everyones has but may not work like the Human Brain. We breath out Carbon just not to say we are made of Carbon, Trees and plants make oxygen, But survive off Carbon. So iis it too much carbon or to little trees? Just not to say the society we live in is anti nature in it self then it was 30 yr ago. Yes the quality of the Air becomes poor do to this reason an leads you to Carbon over oxygen.

So dose carbon effect the weather? No, This area would have more to do with Sun , Moon along with Planets. Astrology with the Farmers Almanac will give you more of a better weather update then CNN, And you can dig and see that weather gos by cycles. Like a Solar Minimum ( weree you can see we just entered one 

So the whole Elon Hoax along with Bill and central banks pushing Environmentalists is just more Bullshit!, The whole thing smell of shit on this debate. like dos any one but me not know that Volcano`s produce 100x more carbon then population????  or that there is Volcano`s under water that produce massive Oil.... Or that trees and rots also produce Oil pockets under land???? Or that there are less trees then ever on the face on the world....  So yes the whole thing is bullshit from beginning to end on the whole carbon Hoax that comes with mining.

Like the Tesla Electric Car , Were do you think the Energy comes from????

Most likely Oil or Nuke so there gos save the planet.... Solar is way to weak, only 3 years ago then converted more then 10% to real energy to 30%. The only real one would be waves in the ocean dont remember what its called. But still not gonna happen anytime soon. Wind has more waste then any one yet and winter can cause them to fail. So when you sum up the facts and wage pros vs cons. .l. Musk and friends and You too Greta

So why is the government who once thought Crypto was not even a currency, Now Hunting anyone who owns It????

Like all Mafias that are in power and keep it for the time frame that this one has, They have very deep  roots that even when you pull one weed of by the roots, There more seeds that were planted and being planted. They never show weakness even when its in there face, They will ignore anything till it needs to be dealt with, As abolish it by any means or force!. Its a sick game but seems to work out just fine for them, Only because there oppressors are few and many are Naive and Foolish. 

If we have learned anything in this world in the last year and counting, I think its safe to say that your Government could give less of a shit about you!. They are willing to sell you out in a second as there jobs were never to work for you. This has been showed time and time again all over the world and yet all stays the same. Wall street bets should be an example of what i am trying to say here. Were the workers that pay all the Tax, do all the work, Stuck it to wallstreet corrupted punks, And are Government went and saved the day for them with are cash.... Hoe messed up is that? well it only happens because there was no riots and damage done to who ever gave the ok for it. If there was more unity between us, This could of been resolved in days with a more Fair out come. See the power of unity and what it could really do when needed. 

So in the USA a few weeks ago Biden was saying 80% tax on Crypto gains, Add small time BTC exchange in Usa was shut down. Add Uk at the same time saying " If you own Bitcoin get ready to lose it all". The Clown Musk had to have a say as well we all know he loves the Attention. With his tweets about the Carbon conspiracy... That lead to More sheeple selling off like chickens without heads! and scare off New Money investores. In the UK they want new power and have crackdown on more exchanges because of NO KYC,

Company`s may shut due to links with Crypto

All this is happening to force KYC to then do Analytics and Tax at will, As we all know the C 19 Hoax left a big whole in the worlds Financial Market that leads all the way to the bank accounts of the Governments and Bill gates and friends. We all know that the world financial system is due for its collapse no matter what is done know, The snow ball has rolled and yet to hit its target. 

With all this Bad News around Bitcoin an the Crypto world, I do also see The big cats doing there old tricks as normal and Buying up Bitcoing like candy.. . Were btc was to up out of the triangl , gos down with huge sell off and shorts. I wonder were all the Money came from to short it???? Jp morgan This was June 2. There Making it worse then it was supposed to me because the have the money to buy and short... There scared as hell and only talk about bitcoin and eth. Two reasons, The amount of BTC sized and they cntroll as being 100 % transparent Kyc is to link address to ID. Eth is commie.What i see is them taking from the poor to then sell them after there profits are made. I also see them wanting to hold your keys so you could never touch them. The amount of Manipulation that could be done with this method could be drastic to the point of never seen be for. I see the biggest scam ahead.

The Collapse of the world currencies are inevitable Nothing can changes this from happening, This is mostly due to the Scamdemic they pulled, Millions upon millions have been stolen from public funds amounts never even heard of... This was done to force poverty and make what was once 1000 to 1. Also a lot of death that comes with poverty! Events like these and Housing Market scams are m,made for the rich that have money , To buy Property Objects anything at a discount to then make more money. The regular joe is always the ones who pays. 

I see them wanting total control be for they leave BTC alone, But whan this happen it will be already strangled in a way were it wont be what it is now. And right now there killing it by KYC, lots peoples funds being sized investgated because of reciveing 0.00000444 of btc that was used on a non kyc exchange... paying huge fees and waiting days for the funds... So its already dead in a way. What i dont get is why and hw is BTC still the big Coin.... 

If you had Monero in BTC place, There would be no blocked transaction, given kYC can not be used as all Addresses are private on the blockchain. Monero is cheep to use, Its also fast and going to get alot faster soon. They cant go crazt and tax you 80% they dont even know you have it. They can short it all they want, but if everyone started to used it. It would only give us back the wealth they stole. 

Its a really sad world we live in, Were people take the advice and even take in account what JP Thieves and Whoreman sacks along with Soulless street say. Like after what was seen in the wallstreet bets vs Criminal investors klan. There should be no dollars in stocks and fiat in circulation. People should demand salaries in Crypto! 

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