Mint your first NFT on GhostMarket

By Almin Piric | Talking Code | 20 Apr 2021

GhostMarket has recently caught my attention. It is the first cross-chain NFT marketplace, and it could not have come at a better time. With Ethereum fees going through the roof, there is lots of room for alternatives in the NFT world. GhostMarket runs on Phantasma and NEO, allowing users to mint NFTs for as little as $1 at the time of writing.

I have already come across some very informative videos on YouTube that walk you through minting your first NFT. The developers did a great job making the website easy to navigate and the process of minting is easy to understand.

I quickly fired up my KuCoin account to buy my first SOUL (Pantasma) and start minting. This is where I encountered my first issue with the process. Buying the SOUL was easy, but getting it from my KuCoin account into my wallet proved to be a challenge. I had downloaded the Phantasma wallet and copied my SOUL address, only to get denied by KuCoin. KuCoin claimed that my address was invalid. I checked it several times before starting my search for an answer. Luckily, others had encountered the same issue. Reddit to the rescue! It turns out that the SOUL on KuCoin is an older version that is not compatible with the new address in the wallet. The solution was to use the Phantasma wallet's NEO address to transfer the coins. 

You need GAS to transfer coins from one wallet to another. It is important to keep in mind that you are not actually dealing with NEO once you transfer the SOUL from KuCoin. You are instead dealing with Neo SOUL. I went back to Reddit to make sure that I understood everything correctly and the Phantasma community stepped right up. They walked me through the process, explained the difference in coins, and even sent me GAS so I could transfer my coins from the NEO wallet to my SOUL wallet.  I should clarify that the Phantasma wallet has three wallets built in; SOUL, ETH, and NEO.

My next obstacle was to get KCAL. KCAL is used to actually mint your NFT. There is an option to stake your SOUL and earn KCAL every day. However, this was a problem for me since I had only made a small deposit and the KCAL reward depends on the amount you stake. I turned to the community once again, and they came through immediately. I traded some SOUL for KCAL (with minimal fees) and was ready to mint my NFT.

These are the steps I had to take:

Step 1
Get your Phantasma wallet

Step 2
Buy SOUL on KuCoin and transfer it to your NEO wallet

Step 3
Transfer your coins from the NEO wallet to the SOUL wallet (this requires 0.0011 GAS)
I got my gas from the Phantasma community. They are working to fix this transfer issue and are more than happy to help. The best way to contact them is on Telegram:[email protected]

Step 4
Trade some SOUL for KCAL. You will need at least 21 KCAL to mint your NFT. It comes out to about $1. You can then stake your remaining SOUL to earn KCAL daily.

Step 5
Go to
Click on CREATE NFT and the rest should be self explanatory.

The minting screen looks like this


Once minted, the NFT will look like this


You can see my first NFT here

If you have any trouble with the actual minting process on the website, there is a great video that will walk you through the whole process on YouTube:

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