Rounding a corner

Rounding a corner

By KJLT20 | Open Sesame | 10 Jan 2020


Perfection in arrangement, drawing attention
All solids, as if nothing changes
Possibilities go easily ignored
Fresh scent rounding a corner
A million footsteps before, have no pull
Today's sidewalk - Such a deceiving set path

I throw all my weight, hoping to soften the path
Such innocence - Trusting & offering all attention
Yet, if I wish all is well, this gives no realistic pull
One derives not a painted reflection - Life changes
For who knows what awaits south end of the corner
It's monstrous presence, hoping to be mistaken and ignored

Constructed for safety, this we have not ignored
But uncertainty arranges itself upon this path
Not hesitating at any unseen corner
Bolt & bob, chance has your attention
Body breaks and with it, drastic changes
Hello world, why such a heavy pull

Padded for safety as life strings pull
Affliction will surge if ignored
Yet if we dance with these formidable changes
Our beautiful, yet always brutal path
Comes into focus, accepting our attention
Now we are salivating, collectively taking the corner

Open not, we remain frozen in a murky corner
Push of the peddles have no weight to the Spirit's pull
Allow possibility the respect it deserves - Attention  
You shall not be ignored
Now, beginning to breathe and ponder - Perhaps there is no path
Direction sought with changes

Expecting nothing less but rousing changes
Steady pace in our approach to tomorrow's corner
Boundless potential 'paving' the 'path'
Moment's nectar has a staggering pull
Shifting gears, approaching corner can not be ignored
Beginning to fly, we have decided to pay attention

Breathing in sync now, while we all push and pull
The mystery, The beauty, The experience - No longer ignored
Life, standing at attention

Open Sesame
Open Sesame

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