Legitimate Reality

Legitimate Reality

By KJLT20 | Open Sesame | 8 Jan 2020

Our legitimate realities pondering their reflection - 

When did you decide to jump into the reflector? 

Through this looking glass 

Lays a beautiful truth. 

Rumbustious vibrations bring grinning rays of sunshine - 

Rise to your glory, for the day is calm. 


Voice remains calm 

As we examine layers piled high in the reflection. 

Let's bathe in each others internal sunshine - 

Soul the tool, body the reflector. 

Live your truth 

To dissolve the dividing glass. 


Upon a fragile glass, 

Dancing feet gracefully stay calm. 

Symphony, play aloud the truth; 

Giving time to harmonies reflection. 

I, gazing back in the reflector,

Set afire the sunshine 


It's not you, it's the sunshine, 

Piercing the heated glass. 

Time to be a reflector -

Injection takes place, flows and delivers a calm 

Image in the reflection; 

Pieced together, drafting a truth. 


For a simple truth 

Digests our smiling sunshine. 

Needing an accurate reflection, 

Let's go ahead and raise our glass. 

Soothing and calm, 

Yet lost repairing character's reflector. 


Peering into each others reflector, 

Take refuge in the journey to truth. 

Embrace, however big or small, that calm 

Fragment of sunshine. 

Bring self forward, molding glass 

To form a solid for reflection. 


Our reflection remains abstract in the reflector - 

Still, shattered glass brings glimpses of truth

As the sunshine sets, lighting up earths soul and all is calm.

Open Sesame
Open Sesame

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